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"Concept #1: Stop trying to make a ton of money. SimCity came out more to spark attention than to make money. Greedy pricks are destroying our system! Will has been bought and paid for, and unfortunately I would not be surprised if he has no say in this game. EA is owned by shareholders - some of which are big into oil and industry. It is no wonder they want to incorporate this "everything can be good" mentality. I say boycott EA. They don't make it like they did because they are bigots. I officially announce today that I won't buy any more of their games. I will attempt this game once, but will receive it from a friend (I will not dish out my own coin). EA is FOX worthy. :) Think about what Fox really is to America - cheap, tasteless, trash!"
a comment about simcity societies here

overstatement or understatement?
I personally think this kid is some dirty ass punk.

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3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-11-19 17:47 ID:RzaG2GhI

The comments on that blog make my head hurt. Oh, god, I need some aspirin.

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