[WOMEN] How do you feel about sexist content, girls? [OPINION] (10)

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-14 00:07 ID:zl8ebaJu

I really doubt that adding more female main protagonists to games will really help balance out the sexism in this industry. On the contrary, I reckon it would do quite the opposite. Look at Lara Croft. She's one of the most famous female video game protagonists of all time... and you can bet that she became so because of her sexy image, and not so much because she promoted any kind of female equality.

Let's face it. We guys are the significantly bigger demographic of gamers, and the DOA pole dancing appeals to us, so they shamelessly use it to sell us the game.

With the majority of the female demographic interested more in games like The Sims, it wouldn't be very effective, or profitable, at all for them to focus more in an audience that just isn't interested in the first place.

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