[WOMEN] How do you feel about sexist content, girls? [OPINION] (10)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-12 15:17 ID:C3CBKBZc

I often find myself wondering what it's like to be a gamer girl.

I'll play through a game, not even blinking when they have over-exxagerated girls, or expensive sexy costumes to dress girls up in, or Hot Coffee, or even freaking Dead or Alive Pole Dancing!

When you come accross this content, what do you think? I mean, do you tend to enjoy it on some level as well, or do you just get mad. Would it be more fair to include simmilar content, but with men involved instead? Trying to think about that, though, I think I would be disturbed seeing my male main characters in various states of undress...

Anyway, what do you girls think of sexist special features.

2 Name: Gamer7SSegirl : 2009-01-13 00:02 ID:jS2VP6m/

i'm a gamer girl and frankly i don't care. I'm not a lesbian btw.

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-13 15:51 ID:6ZtIHhZd


Who'da thunk it?

Well, anyway, I'd appreciate a few more heroines in games.

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-14 00:07 ID:zl8ebaJu

I really doubt that adding more female main protagonists to games will really help balance out the sexism in this industry. On the contrary, I reckon it would do quite the opposite. Look at Lara Croft. She's one of the most famous female video game protagonists of all time... and you can bet that she became so because of her sexy image, and not so much because she promoted any kind of female equality.

Let's face it. We guys are the significantly bigger demographic of gamers, and the DOA pole dancing appeals to us, so they shamelessly use it to sell us the game.

With the majority of the female demographic interested more in games like The Sims, it wouldn't be very effective, or profitable, at all for them to focus more in an audience that just isn't interested in the first place.

5 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-14 19:04 ID:ZQM2ev7O

Maybe that's true. The girl-teen demographic is the most untapped of all. I think companies would do anything to be able to tap into it, but it's notoriously the most difficult so they don't bother unless they have some fool-proof plan.

6 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-18 04:54 ID:ip/0bCWJ


Lara Croft doesn't count for a different reason. They only made the main character of that game a female because the design in mind for the male was too similar to a different series (im pretty sure it was indiana jones) and they didnt want to get sued, so they had the character have a sex change.

but regardless of what is done, SOMEBODY is going to call what one does to get rid of sexism sexist. Someone is going to get offended somehow, because one character fits some stereotype slightly.

7 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-20 05:20 ID:skzL4aw3

anyone who bashes video games for being sexist has nothing better to do with their life. because that pig flew up next would be racism towards zombies and cruelty to cartoon animals.

8 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-20 05:21 ID:skzL4aw3

o.p of >>7 meant to say "if" that pig flew "," up next... yadda yadda yadda

9 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-12-27 22:33 ID:muCZdb2A

more games like Saira by nifflas would make me happy

10 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-12-30 01:13 ID:Wft1Di3j

Hell, I'm a male, and I feel offended sometimes by the sexism in videogames.

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