2ch SRW/Tereda rumors are surfacing (7)

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take with a grain of salt even I don't believe most of these.

Special Interview 1: The future of Super Robot Taisen.

  • Will you continue to make games for PS2? or are you thinking of moving towards PS3?

Tereda: Ah the ps2 is one of my favorite consoles and I'm happy to see its still alive it has a strong hold on the japanese people. the developing cost are cheaper too! but I we're ready to move for the newer console.

  • Everyone was surprised by the new game for DS, a high school related game? Are you planning something for the future?

Tereda: (Laughs) I called out everyone and told them I wanted to make a quick game to test out how people would react to a new game based on high school antics. the staff looked at me in an odd way one of my colleague quickly shouted "Lets do it!" I really wanted to make it based on the OG guys but it was much easier the way we went. We might make one for OG who knows! (laughs)

-Speaking of OG... OG3, When?

Tereda: Sooner than what you think. We're working hard since its graphics will be as good as SRWZ there will be many surprises in OG3! (starts to hum the balan doban theme)

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-Ah! thats fantastic, Tough question, People have been asking when will we see more braves in SRW since zoids was recently added to the rooster in SRWK

Tereda: Our relation with takara has improved (thanks to bandai) so we MIGHT! see a new brave series joining in a future game.

-Whos your favorite voice actor?

Tereda: all of them! hahah

  • did you and the staff worked together with shin mazinger?

Tereda: yes we did! we worked on the story along with imagawa-san, He's a genius ever since the show started my children wake me up to watch it with them I really like this new way of mazinger and before you ask me, It'll definitely be in a future SRW along with its brother Getter!

Speaking of getter robo, don't you think your staff hasnt been giving it proper exposure to it?

-Tereda: (coughs) Well its been difficult, we've been meaning to add the latest version of getter for a while now but we've been holding back... please forgive us! we'll make it up to you I promise!

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Special Interview 2: Exceptionally Evolved Graphics

Last time we met you kept your promise and you delivered a wonderful SRW game for the ps2. Can your staff go beyond that?

  • Tereda: of course! We're looking to make the best possible second dimension SRW with the new age of HD we're ready to make a beautiful looking SRW.

Out of all consoles the wii still doesnt have a SRW, why?

Tereda - Ah! but the wii has SRWGC! we're really timid to try and make a srw game for the wii because its policy to use the wiimote (I own a wii and i love it!) If we were to make a new SRW for wii it would have to be different.

Did you know that America appeal for Super robot games has increased with the recent release of Endless frontier?

Tereda: the staff were happy when we got the sale results from atlus. Atlus recently called for a new game because people were wanting more. I think we might be able to deliver something (smiles)

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Special Interview 3 - Next Generation consoles.

Tereda-san, will the staff work on a new SRW for both 360/PS3? The gaming world seems to be going both ways now instead of one.

tereda: working for both consoles can be really tire some and most people in japan already own a ps3. instead of giving out the same game for two different systems it be nice that each system has it own different game. one of the staff members says: But Tereda isn't that more work?!
-Tereda (laughs) You're right but thats my way of thinking!

On future SRW, will you add-online content?

-Tereda: Online content?

I mean Download content like adding extra units maps and things like that

-Tereda: Why do that ? If a game can have it theres no reason to make the fans download extra content in my opinion.. but online feature like a Versus can be possible.

Big question: Which next generation console will the next SRW be on?

-Tereda SECRET! but I be you know by now after this interview.

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Final interview latest mecha shows.

Out of the recently new mecha shows which ones do you want to see in SRW?
-Tereda: all! (laughs) but really I wanted to add godannar and Gaiking in the SRWZ unfortunately there would have been too many supers and we didnt want to go all out in our first game.
-Tereda: We also wanted to add Gundam 00 but it was still airing and bandai didnt want us to spoil the show same with code geass.

Out of the new shows which one have you enjoyed the most

Tereda: Ahh tough choice! I'd say all but Its a tie between Macross Frontier, Code Geass, Gundam 00 and Kurogane no Linebarrels These are really good shows but i like them all so no real favorites

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Final question Tereda...Who will be added to OG3?

Tereda: since OG3 will be the epilogue of the originals story you can see a lot of old character returning...Well i dont want to spoil or give fans false hopes or else one of my staff members thunder strike me(Literal translation, he said something of Jin-rai)

Have you ever considered doing a tokusatsu game ?

-Tereda: We have but .. it's complicated..for a long time we wanted to make a Masked Rider game with a similar style to SRW.. but the most difficult part would be actor to reprise their roles. though Masked rider decade has show us that there are ways around this. but still it'll be difficult but not unlikely

Thank you tereda for this interview any last words for the fans?

  • Tereda uhh yes! All robot shows are good! (laughs) Uh Expect new Super Robot Taisen games this year and in 2010. Expect the unexpected and remember that justice is your greatest allie

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