Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on Xbox 360 (2)

1 Name: Shinketsu : 2009-07-28 20:40 ID:OH4DXk1a

Yo, I been playing Sacred for the last couple of days, and I'm hitting level 17 now as a High Elf. With a pyromancer focus. I just got my horse! This game really surprised me on how fun it is. Does anybody else play on Xbox?
I'd like to play with someone else other than by myself. I'm doing Silver campaign. I could be server so you guys could just join my game.

But I'm pretty much trying to find someone to play with me every morning before work. I'm usually on at 6am - 8:15 am Pacific time.

Gamertag is : Shinketsu

2 Name: Shinketsu : 2009-07-29 03:55 ID:9WtUYAQe

anyone? :[[[[[

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