no more kingdom hearts? (2)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2010-07-24 00:58 ID:7Tn6lbfB

okay. firstly, i dont wanna hear any fanboys/fangirls nonsense. your respond should be thoughtful, you know, so the thread can get going for a long while.

so. just finished Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and watched Blank Points. i started to wonder, so..there's no more kingdome hearts huh? here's why:

  1. xehanort arc is pretty much over. we know what happens before everything began. we know that sora beat xehanort's heartless AND nobody. so there is no trace of xehanort lying around, right? (as far as we know. we have to wait for the english version of BbS because there will be updates on this. esp that mysterious secret boss w/ two light blades shown on the NA trailer.) so it'd be absurd if kingdom hearts III (?) would be about some new random dude trying to wreak havoc.
  2. "Reconnect. Kingdom Hearts." i think the epilogue kinda gave it away. the worlds are still shrouded in darkness. and from what i can decipher, sora's resuming his journey to save others..and possibly reconnect with his past. this is possibly one way of saying "kingdom hearts ends with a new hope and sunny days. everyone should think about the rest, but hey, we're giving y'all an optimistic end!" classic disney movies ending, you know?
  3. maybe someone's curious about ven's body. but no one KNOWS him except terra/xehanort, mickey, and aqua. terra/xehanort are completely non-existent. mickey has no clue about ven's whereabouts. even if mickey knows aqua hid ven in castle of oblivion, only aqua can get access to the room of awakening. AND. aqua's trapped in dark meridian. unless a MIRACLE happened, aqua wont be able to escape that world. we're not given any clue as to how sora and riku theoretically opened the door to light there. so i adventure to find aqua or ven could be a good start in the next installment, but so far it sounds dead, because its not moving anywhere at all.

nomura did state that KHIII is coming, but with what we already seen. i think kingdom hearts ended contentfully. im happy with the way things are.

this is my opinion so far. maybe im missing things. perhaps there are mysteries that can be solved in the upcoming installment :)

wha cha think?

btw do you guys think that xehanort is related to riku? white/silver hair...AND coming from the same island. riku even mentioned someone who left the island to venture to new worlds

2 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2010-07-27 18:01 ID:Heaven

Kingdom Hearts sucks.

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