Getting Started on 2D Fighting Games (2)

1 Name: Laban : 2011-04-08 00:32 ID:3oPX3mwC

Here are some resources that could help one get started with to be able to play this genre of games with more of a conceptual grasp and understanding and be able to objectively analyze and improve your game.

The following are Sirlin's guides of how to play Super Street Fighter II Turbo, a pinnacle of fundamental 2D Fighting Games, and it lays the primer of systems and sub-mechanics that are present in other fighting games. Also gives some good strategies that are specific to the Street Fighter series.

Next is Maj's guide on the ever abstract concept known as "footsies" that apply largely to Street Fighter and in varying forms in other fighting games.

And lastly for now, here are the guides created by DandyJ. These teach basic King of Fighters theory and tactics and teaches how to play general King of Fighters (largely applicable to the 98, 98 Ultimate Match, 2002 Unlimited Match, and XIII series.) King of Fighters is the kind of game that encourages a better understanding of a Character's Normal Moves/Attacks at lower level play than Street Fighter, and this is a good exercise to understand footsies and to later apply it to Street Fighter and many other fighting games.

2 Name: Laban : 2011-04-08 00:37 ID:3oPX3mwC

These being the King of Fighters guides:

Feel free to discuss theory or even ask basic questions. Talking about Fighting Games in general is welcome. I would be glad to help others get better or explain/clarify certain concept. Just don't expect me or others to spoon-feed or baby one to get better. These games do require discipline and effort to get better at, but the reward is gratifying and in its own sense, fun.

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