lets trade ffcc echoes of time friend codes! (5)

1 Name: N0CT1S_D3M0N : 2012-01-13 15:27 ID:HMkRIwf0

anyone wanna teade final fantasy crystal chronicals echoes of time friend codes? my fc is 073383600232

2 Name: N0CT1S_D3M0N : 2012-01-13 15:38 ID:HMkRIwf0

i am a level 99 clavat(half max stat) a bit weak to magic training a max stat selkie then yuke and lastly a lilty with ultimate weapons (max ragnorok) with max mythic armor and i need help leveling my selkie

3 Name: N0CT1S_D3M0N : 2012-01-22 19:10 ID:HMkRIwf0

update to my previous post i no longer use Mythic Beast i now have hairpin of affection/parallel world garb and my clavats name is Yuri. My accessory used to be Gamblers heart(full with gil mania gems) it is now Blessed ring and i am hunting the 7-Pronged Sword, and lance of longinus scrolls. [IMPORTANT NOTE] i am also sort of wanted by 2 Action Replay users L heart S and his girl S heart L although they HAVE encountered me multple times they have yet to truely apprehend me i believe they belong to a clan of AR users (you know they have ARs because even a simple blizzard spell with them hit over 8500 of damage) and aside being hunted i am looking for the stat growth Magic attack gem and Mdefense stat growth gem(both being M-attack3, and M-defense3) any donations of those gems i am willing to pay over 40,000 Gil for 3 of them so if you accept my offer you can geta total of 80,000 Gil from me in addition i will add another 70,000 Gil for help training the selkie, lilty, AND yuke! so you could rake in over 200,000 gil people! (my maximum gil i will part with under these conditions is at MAX 350,000 gil no higher) who else will pay at max 350,000 gil for all those?! not many people would part with that much gil guys! by the way i will raise my max gil giveaway for 7-pronged sword, and lance of longinus for and i will add an extra 200,000 for those weapons(NOT 200,000 PER WEAPON AND 40,000 GEM ONLY FOR THOSE ALTOGETHER I WILL NOT PAY HIGHER THEN 550,000 GIL for those items/weapons!)

4 Name: N0CT1S_D3M0N : 2012-01-22 22:08 ID:HMkRIwf0

to correct the 70,000 and 80,000 thing in my last post it is really 150,000 gil not over 200,000

5 Name: N0CT1S_D3M0N : 2012-01-23 20:43 ID:HMkRIwf0

correcting the total post from before(stating the market items and start of an in game player market) altogether i did the math and it adds up to 350,000 Gil so i am offering that much gil for all those

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