Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl (1)

1 Name: oki32 : 2012-03-05 04:58 ID:9pSe/otr

Hi, I've a cool and exciting stuff for you! Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl!
Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl is a fangame of Galaxy Angel, and is set year 423 (Transbaal Calendar Year). In this game you play as a protangonist known as Huskarl Terra.
This game is based off of concepts of game Strikers 1945, Gigawing, Donpachi and one of Galaxy Angel EX's mini games : Shooting Star.

To download this game, click

I hope it's useful for relieving kids of Japan who suffered from the Earthquake since last year ago. It's also targeted to other kids. I hope they'll like it, Insya Allah (God Willing).

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