Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl (Link Fixed) (1)

1 Name: oki32 : 2012-03-09 02:06 ID:xmEqFwHP

Enter the galaxy of exciting action in Galaxy Angel Dawn of Huskarl! Choose any of the six powerful ships known as "Emblem Frames", then crush down the horde of enemies! Can you defeat the mastermind of the chaos and restore the peace?

Features :
6 unique Emblem Frames
Three chapters
24 battle stages (Both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have 7 stages, Chapter 3 has 11 stages)
26 Unique bosses
4 unlockable extra stuffs

I hope it's useful for relieving kids of Japan who suffered from the Earthquake since last year ago. It's also targeted to other kids. I hope they'll like it, Insya Allah (God Willing).

To download this game, click :
If you don't know what was Galaxy Angel, please click :

Galaxy Angel's Original Concept (c) Broccoli/Ootsuki Yuu.
Galaxy Angel "Dawn of Huskarl" (c) Okisoft (
All rights reserved.

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