Minecraft PVP Server (1)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2012-04-19 03:45 ID:G2DW6xmM

Looking for a Minecraft PvP server? Please check out mc.pewf.in!
Choose from 4 different classes to play as!
Each class has unique spells that you can try out.
Spells are given immediately and does not require unlocking or leveling.
You can switch anytime too!

We have the following bukkit plugins on the server:

Catacombs - Randomly generated dungeons (One dungeon will be provided for each established guild).
Factions - User-defined protection and guild system.
mcMMO - Trainable skills for each player.
RuneCraft - Magic based on block patterns.
Likeaboss - This plugin allows the server to spawn champion monsters.
MagicSpells - Adds wizardry to the server.
War - Arena based pvp.
Fortification - Adds redstone based defenses, such as flame turrets, trapdoors, sensors, etc.
LavaFurnace - Automated furnace that does not consume buckets, only lava.
SpongRestore - You can craft sponges!
ClayGen - Turn gravel into clay with water.

Please come if you're looking for a pvp server to play in!
(24/7 with as little downtime as possible)

IP: mc.pewf.in

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