AstroEmpires (1)

1 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2008-10-12 19:44 ID:hFPXD3nM

Now is the time for over 9000 penises to rape the heavens and close the intergalactic pool filled with horrible space aids.

Sign up using a temp e-mail at and request to join

Start your first base in B32/B33. Over the next seven days, build 8 metal refineries, 8 research labs, research level 8 energy, 4 stellar, and 1 warp to unlock the outpost ship. Build shipyards to construct eight outpost ships and send them to empty rocky, metal, crystal or asteroids spread throughout the galaxy. Once your outpost lands, select "build base" and continue building refineries and shipyards in preparation for your rape fleet once seven days is up or you reach level 10. Construct additional pylons and grief the galaxy with your soon to be massive e-peen.

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