fresh graduate wanting to move to japan... HOW. (6)

1 Name: GO : 2009-09-28 05:10 ID:Io+QQG3t

i wish to work in japan after graduating from college/university.

is it easy? hard?

i know inflation rate in japan is high, but i just want to experience japan for as short as 6 months to as long as 3 years (i i like it).

are there any companies or programmes i can join easily?


2 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-09-28 20:25 ID:BzlnHZUC

If you are a native speaker of English (I can't tell if you are from your post), the easiest programs to get to Japan with are English teaching programs.

The JET Program is almost certainly the largest and most famous:, but there are many others available. JET has a one-year contract to start, with the option to renew. Only prerequisite is an undergraduate degree.

However, I believe JET and other teachers' programs only take people who speak English as a first language; if your home language is not English, you might need to look elsewhere.

3 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-09-28 20:30 ID:BzlnHZUC

Oh, and as for "other companies" you might be able to get a job with, check out,, and many other similar websites.

From what I understand, it's not that easy to get a legal work permit for Japan, though, so be careful when perusing those sites--many of the jobs may be scams, or not quite legal. Almost all jobs apart from English teacher gigs expect you to speak some Japanese.

Good luck! Sorry I can't be more helpful; the only people I know who work in Japan are English teachers or lawyers.

4 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-09-29 20:45 ID:shxZmdU4

why are people so obsessed with japan? It's so ordinary.

5 Name: Anonymous Enthusiast : 2009-09-30 00:39 ID:c7BZ/ANN

And isn't it expensive living there? Dunno, if you ever do make it, tell us how it goes.

6 Name: GO : 2009-10-11 13:11 ID:9kwUJkrx

yea my first language is english and my friend recommended me to go for the jet programme. thanks!

it is expensive to live there but its only 1 year and i'm a fresh out of the uni. i want to explore places before i get old and into the vicious cycle back home.

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