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1 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-25 09:56 ID:HkkQ1P/F

Porn on the internet is addicting. I can search among thousands of girls for the one closest to my ideal and then fap to her nude pictures.
In real life it's very hard to find girls my type (they're rare... i have high standards?) and then even harder to get them to like me etc they may look good but be complete idiots etc... It's just too much hassle!

How to get over this and get laid IRL lol

2 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-26 16:26 ID:hPIPbUEA

There's no hope for you.

3 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-27 18:59 ID:iAIic2it

Stop looking at porn and you'll start liking real women. Takes a few weeks.

4 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-27 19:47 ID:lK1j+Sfu

real wimin are a hassle

5 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-28 02:20 ID:3CO58pIm

>>4 speaks the troof

6 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-28 18:29 ID:RIczabdR


Well, most, I guess.

And I say this without ever having one.

7 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-11-28 21:01 ID:XFFRe9nf

I concur.
But there's no other choice, now is there?
You're not alone! orz

8 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-06 10:46 ID:zbpV9eHB

Why not separate it? There's always girls around you that you might like (at least if you're in college or work) which you meet semiregularly, casually or fleeting. No, they don't look like pornstars, but do you really want your woman to look like one? Let's just keep the beautiful bodies on the internet, and get the beautiful minds close to you. Is way more rewarding, and takes the good of both sides.

9 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-06 12:51 ID:V8UHqmQm

>>8 sounds wise, but is only talk

10 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-07 23:13 ID:7lTl86Bj

remember beggars cant be choosers

11 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-08 07:53 ID:OngYETag

seriously though pron may be nice occasionally, but nothing matches up to a real woman. Speaking from experience, girls who have lots in the looks department usually don't have much anywhere else, its the way society engineers people. Ugly chicks are hot. (on the inside) But seriously consider giving up pron for a couple weeks and your standards will return to where they should be. Also look closely at yourself and see what you are capable of "getting" and shoot slightly higher than that.

12 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-14 08:11 ID:HkkQ1P/F

I want Ruby Lin

13 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-15 05:05 ID:y5beMzD6

2-D love is the only real love.

14 Name: Anonymous Addict : 2005-12-22 13:34 ID:Heaven

3d-complex is a disease.

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