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I'm a member of my schools anime club, and unfortunately at this point, at 27 I'm one of the older members of the club. Schools beginning again, and a flood of freshly graduated high school students (among other new students, can't be sure they are all coming straight from school). So my question is this: there's a girl I rather like in the new members, I don't know her age; but I'm pretty sure she's just out of high school and (presumably) 18. Being something of a social idiot, would it be creepy for me yo try to approach her? I'm not talking about going up to her and straight up asking to date or anything; but then again my social protocols aren't very helpful in these situations.

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Please don't be serious.
It's okay for you to enjoy anime at that age.
It's okay for you to be in an anime club at that age. Even if you went to conventions, that'd still be perfectly fine.
But you are not a child anymore. You're interested in a form of entertainment whose demographic is largely people 20 and under. Yes, it would be creepy for you to approach this girl. She is still a child, especially relative to yourself.
Find people your own age.
You might have to grow up. Don't be afraid.
Just step out of your comfort zone.

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Generally I don't really see what anime has to do with it (seeing as how aniime kind of has really adult concepts in it like sex, love, rape, death, war, horrific murder) other than it's how you met, but yeah don't get involved with that. I mean, the personality of someone that age has no real depth. Yet. She's still a kid.

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But 18 is not a child and 9 years age difference isn't much.

Why should one find a partner of their own age to begin with? As long as one isn't underage, I don't see a problem. I know many parents with more than 10 years between them. It stops being creepy and socially un-acceptable when the partners are both adults.

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Get to know her first, at least. I don't believe age plays much importance, with some exceptions in certain areas, but it can really mess things up if you go after her without thinking.

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Once both people are 18, age difference doesn't matter. Or at least, it isn't creepy. It might be unusual, but only in the same way height or race difference are.

Please don't ruin society by making this creepy. 18-year-olds are adults, even if it's fashionable to pretend they aren't. We've already raised the bar from 16 to 18, please don't raise it any higher.

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