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Where would be a good place to start looking for traditional Japanese music or Japanese folk music in general, such as ondo, taiko and such? The Wikipedia page ( gives surprisingly few (and most of them useless) starting points. I am especially looking for songs to download so as to get a feeling who is who and what is what before I want to buy anything.

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Kodo is a pretty famous taiko group, I have "The Best of Kodo" and it's got a lot of good selections. You might also try Eitetsu Hayashi, who does a one-man taiko thing (not traditional, but he's good) and also mixes it up with other instruments. "Haru" is a good album from him, I have that too.

If you're interested in shamisen, especially tsugaru (a faster playing style) try Yoshida Brothers (吉田兄弟). I had a harder time finding them on english p2p networks, but it might be easier now that they've played in the States a bit.

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Although this really isn't performed with traditional Japanese instruments, I like this album. (esp. Etenraku)

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Hey, thanks for the neat tips! I'll check them out later, gotta run now, though.

5 Name: bubu 2005-06-18 23:38 ID:Heaven

Three albums that may serve as easily accessible first steps:
Jean-Pierre Rampal & Lily Laskine - Japanese Melodies for Flute and Harp, Denon 35C37-7127
This is some rather epic shit, if somewhat on the fever dream side. Basically, they took a bunch of famous traditionals (cf. the Yo-Yo Ma record "japanese melodies" on Cbsm), put them in a sack with a flute and a harp and proceeded to bust shit up quite severely by hitting the sack with iron paddles. Then they shook the sack over an LP press. It's a good release, but every now and then you can hear 1700-France gripping at your throat.

Kazue Sawai - Japon. Splendeur de Koto, Playasound PS 65131
A very nice glance at koto music. You may know Kazue Sawai from her work with Zorn and Cage; an outstanding solo player. Although excellently performed, a bit flat overall - there's always a big sign "NAIVE!" hanging above this one.

Kikusui Kofu - Japanese Masterpieces for the Shakuhachi, Lyrichord - LLST 7176
This one is a gem, because it isn't quite so much watered down, yet requiring near zero acquaintance with traditional japanese and chinese music to be enjoyed.

These below are two places with many albums, just hit your preferred onlineshop with the titles and try for a prelisten. Especially komuso is worth a look because they also try and explain some of the most basic terms from the different schools and their repertoires.

on a side note:

>The Wikipedia page ( gives surprisingly few (and most of them useless) starting points.


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i likeit


I feel lonely and cross a lion suspension bridge.
It was avoided in savanna by everybody.
The person whom I met over there of a bridge was the figure which resembled the sun well.

Are not you afraid of me?
Do not you escape?
I nodded with wind to blow once.

Do you know a reason of tears?
I did not understand it, but perhaps you gave the shade of wet cheeks.

I shake a lion suspension bridge on a rainy day.

With golden amber in its mouth and.
The-colored pebble which today's souvenir was good for you who were always taciturn and resembled.

If I wake to the suspension bridge pain that sounding thunder falls.
The sky became small distantly.
I do not let you cry.

Do you hear this cheerful voice?
This street is entirely calm.
You do not need to know coldness of wet cheeks throughout the life.

Blood streams down the rain which does not stop.
If I am rebeared.
Do you have you love it if used to a figure like you?

A cheerful voice is not lacking strangely anymore though I do not appear.
Perhaps you took coldness of wet cheeks.

Do you know a reason of tears?
I do not understand it, but a shade of this heart just looks good by an answer.

The makeup which a season rotates, and spring visits it, and is golden to the bottom of the gorge.
A dandelion blooming in all over.
It was the figure which resembled a lion well.

I used an interpreter

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While we're on the subject, I'm looking for some good Tsugaru shamisen music. There's plenty out there with fruity synths and corny orchestral backing, but I'm after pure, raw solo stuff played by a real virtuoso. Can anyone help me out?

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