Electrodes Used to Torture (3)

1 Name: Sling!myL1/SLing 05/01/14(Fri)00:07 ID:AXJpDwoh

"An Australian terror suspect being held at Guantanamo Bay was tortured with dogs and electrodes while being interrogated in Egypt,"
"he was subjected to routine beatings and torture while in Egyptian custody, and was coerced into making confessions that were not true. Habib said he was regularly suspended from hooks on the wall of his cell while his feet were shocked with electrodes. He also described being forced to stand on his toes for hours in a flooded room, struggling to keep his head above the water, and being threatened with German Shepherd dogs.
"Mr. Habib, always handcuffed and sometimes suspended from hooks on the wall, was kicked, punched, beaten with a stick, and rammed with what can only be described as an electric cattle prod," the affidavit said. "If he lapsed into unconsciousness, they would revive him and continue the beatings."

2 Name: Unverified Source 05/01/14(Fri)00:19 ID:Heaven

Man, Sling, what else is new?

3 Name: Morg!MPEaAQqH7w 05/01/14(Fri)00:42 ID:iZerGAth


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