Major internet backbones falter (5)

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Early friday morning, the major provider, level3 networks, failed. Soon after, Verio also went down. I have heard that there was a buffer overflow vulnerability in squid, but I don't know if that was involved or not.

Friday, after lunch, Cogent went down for about an hour.

ITT, we discuss the outages.

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Early Friday morning the internet did indeed have a catastrophic network failure for Level3. They were down for roughly 3 hours affecting internet services for a wide array of users and isps. In NY we were not heavily affected by the outage, however, a friend of mine on AOL was officially idled out for most of the night. Could this mean that AOL was affected by the level3 outage? At this point its a matter of speculation. Other ISPs like NetZero who connect through level3 probably had to handle many tech support calls and at some points in my discussion with someone famillar with Deutsche Telekom a number like 230 million in losses was brought up for the internet industry. This could be a vast understatement of the ripple effects of the outage.

The internet was made to withstand the attack of a nuclear threat at its inception and in this case, the outage - if it was somehow maliciously caused - has been dealt with effectively, and the internet proves to be resilient to a large partial failure. This is good news and investors on Friday rallied in favor of Level3 as their systems went back into place. (see Yahoo link below).

This is the internet relay chat channel where a solution was discussed and people met informally to try to figure out exactly what happened when thousands of users disconnected from the internet. A log of the channel during the conversation is found at : (PS - I was there)


This is a channel that I set up to discuss matters related to the 1 hour cogent outage that took place sometime around 1pm on Friday. I have written to cogentco to make them aware that we have many interested users in our channel for their success.


This is a channel where internet network operators and interested parties in tracking internet health can be found.

Thank you for your time - patience and energy, and I wish you all the best,

-Christopher J. Bradley
Freelance Writer.
And Freenode Catalyst!

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