CIA Fires Employee for Leaking to Media (6)

1 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-04-22 03:22 ID:H4f2UNzP,0,1490350.story
"The CIA has fired a senior officer for leaking classified information to news organizations, including material for Pulitzer Prize-winning stories in the Washington Post that revealed the agency maintained a network of prison facilities overseas for high-ranking terror suspects."

2 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU : 2006-04-22 03:25 ID:H4f2UNzP

Oops... Unverified Source is I, working undercover. :)

3 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-04-22 05:58 ID:Heaven

I guess he deserves it. If you're going to do the right thing, you should be prepared for the consequences. Like, not working for the despotic government you betrayed.

4 Name: holdincourt : 2006-05-22 07:52 ID:1ARmfJHu

So the officer got fired...but nothing happens to the journalist who won the Pulitzer?

5 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-05-23 12:14 ID:Heaven


Do you have any idea what "freedom of speech" and "freedom of the press" even means?

6 Name: Unverified Source : 2006-12-25 11:45 ID:CkmfegpW

The only thing i leak is piss. (Incontinence).

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