[Terrorism] Terrorism Plot Foiled in London (8)

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I saw this and I found it interesting that Terrorism is still going on. Although I see it in the news every day, I never actually think about it. I'm glad the plot was foiled though. When I was watching this on the news, they discussed websites that showed how to make bombs out of thing available to everyone. Just a news article I would like to share!

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..."coming only two days after Gordon Brown took over as prime minister"...

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"Iraq war foes named to top U.K. cabinet jobs

New PM seeks distance from Bush, Blair policies

Jun 29, 2007 04:30 AM

LONDON – New Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed some critics of the Iraq war to his youthful circle of senior cabinet ministers yesterday, underlining his ambition to heal rifts over the conflict and win back the support of disenchanted."


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Does this mean Britain will pull away from the Iraq war? Will they ever condemn Bush policy?

Well, baby steps first I guess...

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I'm pretty sure they're already condemning it. The push to get those British servicemen/women out of Iraq is growing in intensity almost everyday, no?

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>I found it interesting that Terrorism is still going on


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Terrorism is 10,000 years old. Basicly we're apes with digital watches and a penchant for bopping each other on the head. Be afraid, for now we have nukes.

8 Name: Unverified Source : 2007-07-07 20:31 ID:Heaven

>>7 lol, that kind of describes you!

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