To avoid death sentence, rapist-murderer turns to Doraemon (7)

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In his bizarre defense to avoid the death sentence, a 26-year-old convicted rapist-murderer cited Doraemon's magic pocket and a fictional tactic to resurrect a person through sex.

The defendant said he did not intend to rape Yayoi Motomura, then 23, and to murder her and daughter Yuka, then 11 months old. It was the opposite of what he had been saying.

"I just wanted her to be nice to me like my deceased mother," said the defendant, who had disguised himself as a plumber to enter Motomura's apartment in Hikari, Yamaguchi Prefecture, in 1999.

But he said he strangled Motomura and the child after she resisted.

Raping her, he said, was his desperate effort to resuscitate her through makai tensho, a magical technique featured in a novel.

He also tried to explain why he put the infant's body in a closet.

"It was childish of me, but I somehow believed in the existence of Doraemon, who uses a closet as his bedroom. If I put the child in the closet, I thought that Doraemon would take care of things and bring her back to life."

Hiroshi Motomura, 31, Yayoi's husband, has made many TV appearances to condemn the killer.

"I found it unbearable to listen to what the defendant had to say," the husband said. "He is so self-centered and has no respect for the dead."

The defendant was given a life sentence, but the Supreme Court ordered a re-examination of the case.

Some commentators speculate the new defense strategy is intended to focus on the young age of the defendant--he committed the crime when he was 18--and to show he didn't mean to hurt the two.

But some former prosecutors said the Doraemon defense is not convincing. They said a show of full remorse might have been more effective.

Paris Hilton , meanwhile, has shown remorse since her release from jail. The socialite insists that life behind bars has made her a different person. She appears on TV to get that message across.

--The Asahi Shimbun

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A winrar is him!

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( ゚∀゚)彡 Hikari! Hikari!

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( ゚∀゚)彡Feminism! Feminism!

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forget rap, drugs, rock and roll, and violent television - Doraemon is the REAL cause of youth violence!

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