(BBC) British Gangs sell Fake Viagra (3)

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Gang guilty of fake Viagra scam

The real Viagra is made by drugs company Pfizer

Undercover filming
Three people have been found guilty of conspiracy to supply millions of pounds worth of counterfeit Viagra and drugs used to treat male hair loss.
A fourth man also admitted to Kingston Crown Court his involvement in the scam and has been sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison.

Investigators say the convictions are the result of the biggest counterfeit drugs bust in British history.

The fake medicines were made in factories in India, China and Pakistan.


A chance interception by UK customs officers of a parcel containing 12,000 fake Viagra tablets addressed to 58-year-old gang member Gary Haywood led to a huge investigation spanning three continents.

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A huge investigation no doubt initiated by very pissed off cops

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