Man admits rampage over unopened gift (1)

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OSAKA--It's the thought that counts.

A 31-year-old man expressed remorse Tuesday for storming an office and smashing 22 computers with a truncheon in a rampage triggered by an unopened gift.

The former part-timer at an online clothing sales company in Osaka's Kita Ward admitted at the Osaka District Court that he became enraged when he discovered that his ochugen summer gift had not been opened by the president of the company.

He pleaded guilty to charges of obstructing business with force.

The defendant's lawyer said the man is deeply sorry for what he did and is seeking leniency from the court.

"I wish the president had cared a little more," the lawyer said.

According to prosecutors, the man started working in the shipping section of the company in January after hopping from one job to another, including construction work.

In late July, he gave a box of jellies to the president.

However, the employer left the box under his desk.

On July 29, the man stormed the office where about a dozen people were working and destroyed the computers, the prosecutors said.

No one was injured.

Prosecutors said the president described the gift-giver as a diligent worker but with a temper.

"I had no time to open the gift," the president was quoted as saying.

According to the defense lawyer, the man was pleased he finally landed a stable job. The gift of jellies was his way of saying thank-you to the president.(IHT/Asahi: October 4,2007)

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