Attempt on Hitler's life - finally successfull! (15)

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So basically this guy walks into the exhibition, yells "NO MORE WAR" and rips off the figure's head, because of a bet he had made with a friend of him.
But he says, he's sorry now.

I really lol'd hard. It's kind of bizarre and funny as hell, but I wonder how it feels for the rest of the world?
German government is always concerned foreign countries might think we're still all nazis here - so what do you think?
Should the figure stay in Berlin's Madame Tussauds?
I think it should.
He was an important figure in German history (in a terrible way, but still) and I think seeing him sitting there in 3D makes it very, very real. (First time I saw a picture of the figure, it made me shudder)
A lot of young people here (oh gosh, I sound like my own grandmother) tend to forget that the Nazi regime was very real and not just some boring stuff you have to learn for history classes, so I think this might be a good aim for a study trip.


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What did this asshole accomplish by defacing a wax statue, going to jail for it and appearing to be a jackass in front of the world? I am guess not much.

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Hitler should be remembered until the end of mankind, only for moral purposes. The kid should've have lied and said he was jew and listened to his father's stories how his family was killed...he might've been pardoned.

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The Nazis need to be taught in history class, not as entertainment in some tourist trap. people need to see the videos and pictures of what the nazis did -- and somehow I doubt that a WAX MUSEUM is doing anyhting of the sort. I think things like this and the action figure are doing more to promote Hitler than to frighten the world away from Naziesque insanity.

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>>The Nazis need to be taught in history class [...]. people need to see the videos and pictures of what the nazis did

Mh, all of this is already happening. Why shoulnd't one use the figure as an addition to it?
Museums are meant to be educating and enterntaining - good combination if you ask me.
But I agree on the action figure - that's just point- and tasteless IMO.

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What makes Hitler so special?

Marx is in that museum, too, and far more people were killed in his name. And what about the Kaiser? 9 million dead, just because he couldn't back down without losing face.

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>>7 True words.
But here aren't many active Marxists or serious attempts to bring this system back. Whilst racists and neo-nazis (does this word exist in English?) still have their own party and are part of quite alot state governments.
The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. (I don't mean you, >>7, but people actually voting the NPD).

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What I mean is that Wax Museums are entertainment venues, not education venues. I don't think that's the best way to teach history.

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After having read this board for some time, I am mildly surprised that this didn't happen in Saitama.

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>>The Nazis need to be taught in history class [...]. people need to see the videos and pictures of what the nazis did

That type of education is useless as shit.
What needs to be taught is why they did it.
And the answer to why isn't that they hated Jews.

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i have a couple of german friends i speak to online. they don't even like the name hitler being brought up. hitler/jew jokes are not cool at all with them, and these are people who are mostly desensitized to shocking things due to being on the internet.
it seems some german people take shame that their country is associated with nazis and hitler

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I am on the same side with this anon.

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The answer to why is desparation. The DM was worthless and unemployment was extremely high. German culture was already into Jew-hate thus providing a convienient scapegoat for the people's misery.

But I doubt that's the history one would get from a wax museum.

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>>14 That's what we are taught in history classes. But I still think the musuem can be a usefull addition.
Btw, worthless money and high unemployment rates - woha, it's starting again.

>>it seems some german people take shame that their country is associated with nazis and hitler

Of course :( I never sing the national anthem and I still can't believe this "Ich bin stolz, Deutscher zu sein"-shit.

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