Vallejo rapper accused of packing 6,000 ecstasy pills (1)

1 Name: San Francisco Chronicle : 2008-07-26 17:00 ID:ie6J2ZBv

(07-24) 17:22 PDT SACRAMENTO -- A Vallejo rapper is facing federal drug charges after being arrested at Sacramento International Airport with 6,000 ecstasy pills hidden in his clothes, authorities said Thursday.

Steven Noel Davison, 34, of Vallejo, also known as "PSD," "PSD tha Drivah" and "Stevie Dee," was trying to board a flight to Oklahoma on July 14 when he was selected for a security screening, federal prosecutors said.

Transportation Security Administration agents were patting Davison down when they felt a large bulge inside his right pants leg, authorities said. The rapper told the screeners at first that the object was a colostomy bag, investigators said.

Davison then tried to leave, but a TSA supervisor told him he could be examined privately. Davison again tried to leave and said he had to go to the restroom, authorities said.

The rap artist was escorted to the private screening area, where a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy found $5,600 in $100 bills in his front left pocket, Special Agent Brian Nehring wrote in an affidavit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

The deputy concluded that the bag in Davison's pants leg contained pills, which the rapper said were vitamins, Nehring wrote. As the search continued, Davison "became increasingly nervous and sweated profusely" and said the bag contained ice, the agent wrote.

Because of his behavior, the deputy handcuffed him. Davison reached into his pants while handcuffed and produced a bag that contained 1,000 ecstasy pills, authorities said.

A TSA screener later found 5,000 more ecstasy pills in the room, where Davison had briefly been left unattended before the search, authorities said.

Davison appeared in U.S. District Court in Sacramento on Thursday on a federal complaint charging him with possession with intent to distribute ecstasy. He was ordered held pending another hearing Monday.

The rapper is closely associated with the late Mac Dre's record label.

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