U.S. refuses to sign anti-discrimination declaration (6)

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> non-binding declaration


Even if this was actually international law... how the hell do you enforce it? Sanctions? Embargo? Invasion? Occupation?

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Last I checked the USA is a Sovereign State.
Signing onto "International Legislation" would erode States Sovereignty.

Much like how the UN also passed "Legislation" to criminalize so called "offenses" against Islam. Is in reality anti-free Speech...

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> Last I checked the USA is a Sovereign State.

So were Iraq, Afghanistan, et al. Until now I seriously believe not a single American had the word 'Sovereignty' in his vocabulary.

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a long way to go eh? Do you live in the U.S.?
don't be a jackass.

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There are two types of states: Those that respect sovereignty and those that respect no state's sovereignty but their own.

I'm not being a jackass, but this is a jackass thread. Just look at the first paragraph of this poorly written story:

> The United States — along with Russia, China, and many Arab countries — has stirred up international tensions by refusing to sign a United Nations declaration that condemns anti-gay laws and demands international decriminalization of homosexuality.

wikinews... serious business... how about we just use this thread as an exercise in critical thinking to pick apart the 'article' and find every bit of bias, ignorance, misinformation, misdirection and overreaction.

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