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oh no the death panels are here to harvest my organs.

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Those aren't death panels, it's just your yearly payment for use of 4-ch

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For everyone outside of the USA, this whole thing is a buzzword created by the right wing media. Essentially, they believe that with the implementation of national health that there will be government "death panels" that will decide whether people live or die. As is, we already have death panels, they're just run by insurance companies. When it comes to life and death decisions they reason that the matter is best left in the hands of the private sector.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

So-called death panels are a board of doctors (and here, insurance company officials) that decides when a cancerous vegetable with no good prognosis has the plug pulled. American health care is ruined by the fact that people here have forgotten that people eventually die.

5 Name: Unverified Source : 2010-06-10 22:07 ID:Heaven

You're right, but have you seen the bill that passed in its current form? It was a huge win for the insurance companies. So I don't expect things to actually improve unfortunately.

Just as we have the military-industrial complex, there's also the medical-industrial complex that's killing its own people.

6 Name: Unverified Source : 2010-06-14 09:42 ID:Heaven

Yeah, it sucks. As it stands though, I think it's just getting a foot in the door for a real system. It's going to be very difficult to pry health care out of the hands of the poor once they have it. I guess it's easier to see why the opposition was so intent on fighting it when you think about things that way.

This is the slippery slope towards progress and the future!

7 Name: Scotland : 2010-06-18 01:10 ID:bWS0ySsC

Haha, I dont understand why USA is complaining about the NHS,
Its been in the UK in 1946 and has improved the lives of the population...

Death Panel? there is no choice in picking peoples life or death, the Doctors get their 50k a year salary to save as much lives as possible, not pick em out...

its also much simpler since its covered its just a small portion of your salary/wages thats being taken off for 'National Insurance', if your sick/ill for more than a week, or have injuries, operation, its covered by the government on that purpose, the excess is paid by the government when your a taxpayer. (its simply a way to motivate people into employment instead of being a lazy bum on the street)

Since its a whole population thats contributing i.e.
300million people paying £50 a month = 15 billion is able to be used for health care in the whole population that needs if they have a problem and the payment is in line with your salary at a %, so more you earn the more you pay, while the less you earn the less you need to pay, instead of;

pay your insurance, until some accident happens and they pay for you but after its done, you pay a higher premium and your unable to pay it up, leaving your health vulnerable...which you all seem to prefer...makes no sense..

Big win for Insurance Companies? how, if anything its a big loss for them, basically your premium health insurance is covered by the government not by insurance companies and is fixed at a % of your salary...

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