Stereotypical anime characters list (アニメ性格リスト) (4)

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I'm trying to learn all the terms used to describe stereotypical Japanese anime characters. Please help!

ツンデレ - girl that is strict in public, shy in romantic situations. common type for erogame heroines
眼ッ子 - girl wearing glasses
ロリ - girls who are or appear underaged
ドジッ子 - clumsy girl, usually weak
チビッコ - midget, shrimp.
妹 - younger sister. Always accompanied by older brother character.
お嬢様 - rich or snob girl. Laughs with "oh ho ho ho"
強気 - strong and serious
ハイテンションバカ - characters who are stupid but always happy and laughing.
真面目 – serious character
ナルシスト – Narcissist(sic)
メイド - maid
ネコ・ウサギミミ -cat/rabbit girl
ナース - nurse
ゴスロリ - goth loli
魔法少女 - magical girl
地味? - plain character
お姉さん? - older sister. usually responsible?
痴女? – Slut?
怪人? – Mysterious person?
疫病神? – pest?
??? - 'no tenki' or 'one pace' 'my pace' (マイペース?)girls who always speak slowly and are calm and hug people into their chests. Usually slightly older oneesan types. Orihime from Love Hina.
??? - loud, slightly older woman. Usually alcoholic. Misato from Evangelion.
??? - the '燃えろ' hero from mecha anime. He screams a lot and usually has big hair and a long scarf. I believe Go Nagai's Mazinger set the trend.
??? - traditional Japanese girls. Act like samurai or something. Makoto in Love Hina.

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You forgot this one
very cynical and very E2, but now I can't help noticing them.

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>>ネコ・ウサギミミ -cat/rabbit girl

This is Cat/Rabbit Ears

"ミミ" is ears

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