USA is not a freedom country. (39)

1 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2005-12-18 14:03 ID:Heaven

USA doesn't have the freedom of speech.
What the USA PATRIOT Act?
What the Food-Disparagement Law?

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>>1 is cute

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Stay away from >>1, he's mine!

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>>1 is so adoooooooorable.

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8 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-14 07:58 ID:dD8mU/hq

Japanese racism > American racism

9 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-14 07:58 ID:dD8mU/hq

Japanese racism > American racism

10 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-14 08:16 ID:iz44TAVq

by that standard, no country is a "freedom country"

11 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-01-15 04:34 ID:21xTEC8i

America As No1 Racist

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Aww, you people are so adorably cute for some odd reason! What a cuddly thread!

15 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-11 03:58 ID:Heaven

America has more rights than other countries >< I guess it's alright

16 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-11 13:32 ID:Heaven

Uhm.. You know.. What are those "other countries" you´re talking about?

17 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-11 18:53 ID:Heaven

Hn. Like some of the Arab countries. Women have to have their faces covered and not alowed to go out without a man. There is also an issue of slavery and wars in some of the African contries too.

18 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-11 18:55 ID:Heaven

I wouldn't say America is totally free of it's issues, but we are working through these things. I think there are still some KKK groups around. >>;;

19 名前: nihonjin 2006-02-11 19:14 ID:UCqDKqzO

are KKK guys still wear wierd triangle hood?

20 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-11 20:54 ID:Heaven

Yea I would think so...

21 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-11 21:08 ID:Heaven

Also, I want to make a point that America "is" a freedom country. We fought so many wars for our freedom. We also fought ourselves for the right of freedom. So, you have no right to say that America isn't a freedom country. Americans can be rude, loud, and sometimes rasist, but who isn't!? It's kinda like highschool. You got your nerds, popular students, punks, goths, whatever! One group of people make fun of the rest of them. Like whites taking control over the blacks in the 1800s. Whites didn't like the blacks so they made fun of them and denied their rights of freedoms. >.> Uh i think I'm ranting right now ><

22 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-11 21:12 ID:Ws6zMxIc

Not anymore. I read a book on conspiracy theorists that says KKK doesn't like to wear hoods anymore.

23 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-12 01:13 ID:dD8mU/hq

America is controlled by the media and the rednecks. If you call that freedom, then sure, it's a "freedom country".

As for me, Canada's looking pretty good these days.

24 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-12 01:39 ID:Heaven

Definition of Freedom is not so easy.
Libertarian freedom and liberal freedom are different things.

America is the country of libertarianism and liberal freedom tends to be limited.

25 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-12 01:54 ID:Heaven

I agree that Media influences America a lot, but not rednecks...I disagree on that one. Why do you think they control the US? They are too dumb to even shave off their mullets (sorry for the people with mullets ><...) let alone rule over a country like this.

26 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-12 18:29 ID:dD8mU/hq

They control the vote with their massive numbers. Multiplying like a plague to take over the world with their stupidity. "War, war, war! My country is the strongest! God bless America, yeaahhh".


27 名前: kuri-chan 2006-02-12 23:31 ID:Heaven

hn...Good point.

28 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-14 06:25 ID:iz44TAVq

lol @ third-world anti-Americanism

29 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-16 23:01 ID:Heaven

Japan != third world. You must have been educated in the American public school system to be so ignorant.

30 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-19 09:37 ID:CuP/kYWu

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
     |    /       USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ( ヽノ
  三  レレ

31 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-19 10:40 ID:9hwH0JAM

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
     |    /       ブーン
      ( ヽノ
  三  レレ

32 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-19 17:04 ID:Ynl05Asd

⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃ブーーーーーーーーーーーーン

cute wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
You are right.

33 名前: Now studying English 2006-02-19 17:14 ID:Heaven


Unfortunately, the fact that people in a country (not only America) have been fighting each other under the name of freedom doesn't mean it is a freedom country. People often fight not because they want to secure their own freedom but because they want to destroy freedom for whom they hate. And even the latter would say they're fighting for their freedom.

The word "freedom" is so thoughtlessly, equivocally or deceivingly used that it now means nothing but a cure-all that is supposed to justify anything. People still pretend to believe that the word is holy, but they actually know it can be a fishy excuse. In this sense, referring a country as "a freedom country" can be a insult because it must be "a liar's country." Anyway, you don't need to feel upset when someone says your country is not a freedom country. There is no such country on the earth.

34 名前: Now studying English 2006-02-19 19:55 ID:Heaven


Perhaps you're just saying anyone who don't obey your opinion must be labeled as "third-world anti-Americanism".

35 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-20 06:40 ID:iz44TAVq

lol again
Whether it's in Lahore or Marin County, it's all the same.

36 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-20 07:34 ID:7I+ybQCj

Anyway tomorrow is the President's Day, you know.
The one's birthday who you guys are proud of. ^ ^
I wonder what would J. Washington would say if he saw today's America and the world.

37 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-20 07:35 ID:7I+ybQCj

Anyway tomorrow is the President's Day, you know.
The one's birthday who you guys are proud of. ^ ^
I wonder what would J. Washington would say if he saw today's America and the world.

38 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-20 07:49 ID:fsoAaH8Y

韓国の李昊錫がA オーノに唾を吐きかける

39 名前: 名無しさん@日本語勉強中 2006-02-21 10:33 ID:Heaven

> Whether it's in Lahore or Marin County, it's all the same.

And whether it's referred as a freedom country or a liar's country, it's all the same.

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