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What is this event?
I suppose that it may be Japanese Comike.
Is Doujinshi sold? I saw Cosple movie in this event.But
I'm really looking for Hentai Doujinshi of Peach Fuzz!

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>I'm really looking for Hentai Doujinshi of Peach Fuzz!


Anime Expo is a convention for anime and manga. The main items are the dealer's room, discussion panels, and stage events. It isn't really like Comiket because the focus is on commercial works instead of doujinshi. In most western conventions fan works are only a small part of the event. Cosplayers are also allowed to go wherever they want instead of being restricted to outdoors. The dealer's room is where commercial distributors sell licensed manga and anime as well as other imported items like figures, CDs, and posters. Doujinshi from Japan can sometimes be found but it's rare. There is a separate and smaller section called Artist Alley where fan works by local artists are sold.

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atama warui www

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nhk wo miro.

" cool japan" to iu bangumi ga atte sono bangumi ha furansu de shuuroku sareta yo. ore ga tanjou suru yo !!

hontou no hanashi !

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Kekkyoku nihongo dashi www

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