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hello everyone , I am currently taking a japanese course and we need to lean Hiragana. Next class we need to be able to write A , E , I , O , U and KA , KE , KI , KO and KU. I am wondering if anyone has tips for remembering them , or should I just stick with memorization? Thank you for your help

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You might want to try to see if some of the characters kinda look like something, and then remember it with that. That's what our teacher did and it helped. Other than that, just keep writing it down and write some words with it.

Hell, what I do is doodle hiragana characters in my notebook and it helps a bit.

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>>KA , KE , KI , KO and KU.

ka ki ku ke ko

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You know,A,E,I,O,U are not Hiragana.
these are Roumaji,
Hiragana are あ え い お う
And we Japanese line up these letters あ い う え お
in this order.

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This is also important because some lists in Japan will be in a-i-u-e-o order (like a-b-c-d order), and you need to learn how to read them properly.

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One way I do it is to find words that actually use the hiragana you need to remember and use those in your speech as a way to memorize them. Then, start writing the words, first in romaji and then in hiragana.

I find myself learning the hiragana much faster this way than simply staring at the big chart trying to memorize them.

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If you feel that remembering the first 10 hiragana is hard, you're in for a world of pain.

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Read "Remembering the Kana" by James Heisig.
ISBN: 4889960724

With this method you can learn all the hiragana and katakana in one day and never forget them.

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I recommend "Download stuff to your brain" Version 2.0

Install it, then run a USB cable from the computer to your brain.
There might be some dis-comfort at first when it's plugged in.

Then, transfer the data. It takes a few minutes, but it quickly finishes.

The fastest way to learn anything!

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you can learn them in a day without any book
just sit down and go by rows of five, write them down a couple of times, repeat. maybe use some drilling program, there must be loads on the net

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I took 2 days (1 for hiragana, 1 for katakana) because I am lazy, but I could easily have done it in 1 day if I worked harder. I still remember all the kana, it definitely works.

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>>12 Yup. http://www.dreambreed.com/
"DreamKana is a freeware hiragana and katakana flash card application for students of Japanese."

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