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Hey, i'm learning Japanese, and I love the fact that Japanese people come here and we all talk both languages. But i wanna be able to actually chat to some japanese people to help me learn the language even more. Yeah, this message board is great. But I'm not fond of Msg Boards because its not instance. Is there any chat rooms or anything where I can go where it isnt just emepty like a lot of places that I have seen where I can actually go to chat and stuff? Thanks!

nanashi san.

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useful reference for Japanese learners.

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Chat in English (英語で雑談) Part 67

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awww, but it gives your posts such an authentic Japanese feel, especially when used with an awkward choice of words and semi−broken grammar!

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( ´д`); えー

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Hi ! nice to talk to you .
First of all you have to learn how to use partices if you wana to improve your Japanese.
Try to answer a question below by filling in blanks with appropriate partcles.

1I love you
わたし( )あなた( )あいしています。

If you like it,I'll give you more questions.thank you !

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another one
I think this is a bit difficult for you

It was true that I loved you.
わたし( )あなた( )あいしていたのはほんとうです。

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Just guessing.

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Bingo ! you got it.

regret to say,you should study a bit harder.
grammatically speaking,both はand がare used for the subject.
on the other hand, the particles such as を or に are used for
the object.

                   see you next time !

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Hi,me again
I have nothing to do except sit in front of my
Did I make myself understood in English ?
I'm Japanese and I've been studying English for about 10 years.
But my English isn't getting better than I wished.

Take a look at the example below.

I give you this watch.

If you compare the English sentence with the Japanese one,
you'll see what I've just said.

     Thank you for your readind my poor English.

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わたし( は)あなた(を )あいしています。


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Your English isn't poor at all.
I wish my Japanese skill was equal to that.


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He,me again. A happy new year !
>>19>>20 Thank you so much. That makes me feel that "I'm on the
top of the world ". lol.

Today,I'd like to explain to you about one of the characteristics of Japanese.
Thanks to postpositional particles, we can express a lot of patterns in Japanese that correspond to the English sentence above (16).

You have two patterns in English as follows
1 I give you this watch.
2 I give this watch to you.
Then,let's see how these are expressed in Japanese.

Sorry,I'm getting sick and tired of doing such silly things.
If you take interest in it,please examine the whole patterns for yourself.

                so long ! 

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I find #7 and #8 particularly fascinating due to the verb not being in its typical end-of-sentence position.

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What did you say "tochi" in English ? Inversion ?
Grammatically speaking, I may be wrong .
But when we are moved by something,we usually express the feeling by changing word order.
I think that this rule applys to whatever languages you speak.

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