I need to write a super important essay before Tuesday. (10)

1 Name: OP : 2008-04-12 22:34 ID:yTBC3Kuz

I want to go to Japan this summer, but in order to do that I need to write a kickass essay explaining why I deserve to go and what I could add to the program. They're only taking 16 students, and I'm sure there will be plenty of people submitting essays, so yeah.
I know that everyone will write about how fascinated they are with Japanese culture and history, or about animu and manga. I want to stand out from the crowd so I have a definite chance of going.
How do I write a competitive essay without sounding arrogant or like a weaboo?
what should I write?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 00:42 ID:qyR0vCw0

Invent something super funny involving you being a secret agent who needs to infiltrate Japan to stop an international plot involving Yakuzas, Ninjas, and an old Samurai Brotherhood. Make it so it is obvious that you are writing this "for fun" (ie. you are not a delusional paranoiac), but show that you are well cultivated on the whereabouts of the country and what you are talking about. Show you are motivated by demonstrating knowledge. Your writing skill (provided you have some) will have to keep them reading through the whole text, even if it looks "not serious" at first. Hook them, make them read you.

End with something like, "I hope that you will understand the importance of my request, and why it is really necessary for me to be allowed to join the program; thank you by advance, and wish me good luck!"

Make them laugh, I say. The people who will read you are human beings. If they see that you know your stuff and that you are sympathetic to them, there is a high chance they will accept you.

If they don't you'll still have written a nice text. Which by the way I encourage you to post here.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 00:46 ID:l5L5Z0Xu

maybe you can focus on the cooperation of JAXA (Japans space agency) and NASA and how two former enemies (WWII) have come together to cooperate. The social harmony thing. It will probably be a different approach than what most people are going to take. Information from the last space shuttle mission (STS 123) may be useful.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 01:02 ID:SiZWwuSn

Everyone is looking to stand out. The secret is being so normal that you're perfectly abnormal.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 01:15 ID:fGcJ7JCZ

Talk about being introduced to Japanese.

Add in reasons why you had intrest in it (nothing but anime but more like, "I thought the art of the Ainu culture was beautiful and very previalent in the dress of edo and pre-edo period Japanese society" or something about the spoken language and the written).

Talk about you first classes and beginning to study it.

Talk about why you want to go to Japan (mostly about improving your Japanese proficiency but also about being immersed in a different culture).

Talk about what you are going to accomplish there.

Talk about how this will help your university and their relations with the one(s) in Japan.

Talk about how this will help you as a student of their university (become a better student) and a better graduate (more cultured et cetera..).

Kiss ass as much as you can.

If you having gotten at least a 3.0 avg in all of you Japanese classes I would say your chance is low. I have written two of this type of essays to go on exchange at my university (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and I was denied both times but only because my overall gpa was too low. Don't make that mistake and make sure you have a good overall GPA at least 2.5. A 3.0 would be better for a Japanese college to see but might as well try. Look over all the requirements and all that too. Also, get a passport in advanced because they take long now a days (thank you DoD and Homeland Secur).

Good Luck

6 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 01:17 ID:fGcJ7JCZ

Add in reasons why you had interest in it (nothing anime. more like, "I thought the art of the Ainu culture was beautiful and very prevalent in the dress of edo and pre-edo period Japanese society" or something about the spoken language and the written).


7 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-13 01:18 ID:fGcJ7JCZ

Sorry one more thing.

Talk about what you plan to do when you get back from exchange in order to graduate. They want to see that you planned this at the right time in your collegiate career to go on exchange.

8 Name: OP : 2008-04-13 02:10 ID:hTpTGLFI

haha. I'm not in college yet and there aren't any Japanese courses available in my school. It's only a summer trip to Niigata.
Thanks a lot for the advice, though.

I would probably do that if it weren't for the fact that I'm dying to go on this trip and I don't want them to rule me out for not being entirely serious about it.

These are the requirements:
Student must write an essay stating why he/she should be the person chosen to represent ____ in Niigata, Japan, what can he/she do to add to the program and what does he/she expect to gain from this experience.

9 Name: 2 : 2008-04-13 02:27 ID:qyR0vCw0

Oh, I see. Well, too bad. Then go for the usual bladi-blah. Use short, concise, positive sentences. No negations. Insist on your strong points, ignore the weak ones.

Why you should be chosen to represent: you have a good knowledge of the japanese social structure and codes, you have strong interests in japan for your future career [insert here: language-related job, engeenering job (document yourselves on developing sectors in japan, infrastructure and energy being the topnotch iirc), or communications-related job]

What do you expect to gain: social experience, discovery of the land, cultural immersion, etc.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-23 06:34 ID:zHSeGFwA

Its been like a week. So did you fail or did you pass?

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