should i call this girl now? (8)

1 Name: dd : 2009-01-30 20:47 ID:eXaQyI4C

theres this girl i don't know if she likes me or not but she goes to another school now, should i call her to ask what her feelings are? we had a pretty short but big history...

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-01-30 20:52 ID:NUu/iuOf


3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-01 02:14 ID:AgM03Wgq

Read the following part 100 times:


4 Name: flash : 2009-02-01 07:38 ID:vT+vDLhL

# 2 fucking comedy man. yeah do it man before you discombobulate the idea of getting laid. do it faggot.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-01 17:31 ID:frYB56qh

She'll crush your heart by telling you no. Better to just admit the truth and stop dreaming of something that never was real. okay, to be serious that is the worst scenario. No, she doesn't like you, oh no. Maybe she does, will it hurt so much to try? Would you rather just not know?

6 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-01 18:01 ID:Si1fAHUC

hell what do you have to lose? just call her, meet her if possible and talk about it

7 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-07 07:05 ID:3QEG/Zp2

Call her. You only live once. Will you be able to regret it if you don't call her?

8 Name: Anonymous : 2009-02-07 10:58 ID:tahh9UbS

>>>1 You are a faggot, admit it. You should never ever call a girl or think about a girl. Think about daddy me instead :P
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