I'm 12 and have been clinically depressed since I was nine or ten (3)

1 Name: Anonymos : 2010-05-06 05:58 ID:u6V+ncUi

I've done a ton of research and I'm clinically depressed and I might need help. I tried telling my mom once and she got mad at me for being all whiny about my "teenage problems". What should I do my doctor is a complete idiot who would probably say the same thing and I had gone to a therapist for a year for our family problems. I'm just a spoiled only child who is a picky eater and has gone to private school my whole life. My dad has ms my mom is slightly bipolar and I just want to be normal for once. Could someone give me some advice?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2010-05-06 07:37 ID:pDwvIlP+

I get the feeling you're a troll (most people do not advertise that they are 12 on the internet), but I'll respond anyway, on the off chance that you aren't. (If you aren't, that was a very well written post, I would've never written something with grammar like that at 12.)

Caution: My reply may be long and boring!

The key to overthrowing depression is to not give in to it. Don't sit around and do nothing.

I know it can be hard to break the threshold and actually do something worthwhile when you're feeling depressed, but often all it takes is a slight amount of effort to get over that initial barrier, and then it's just a matter of staying focused on your goal.

Productive things- things that will lead to a happier, more fulfilling life- get easier the more often you break out of the limited comfort zone that depression creates.

Keep in your mind that you do not need to start big, you just need to find some small thing, if you want (it can be whatever you like, but don't set yourself up for failure), like maybe you never brush your teeth at the same time each day, etc, and then simply set a time to do it, do it, and maintain it. Then find more things that you do irregularly, like going to sleep/waking up, and create a schedule of when to sleep and wake up. Provide structure for yourself, even if it's just with minor things. Everything counts.

Now, I don't know what you feel you can do at the moment, but, eventually at least, if you would be able to just go out and have some fun and find something to consume your time with that isn't lonely or pointless, you would be able to break free of any depression. I have done it myself, so I'm speaking from personal experience, not from something I read or heard.

Read a book, go for a hike, play with your dog, take some singing lessons, learn a skill like sailing, archery, cooking, drawing, chess, painting, etc. Collect things- comic books, anime, books, etc. (I used to read The Narnia series when I was kid, I still read them from time to time, they're a great intro to the fantasy genre.)

And best of all, spend time with good friends. Laugh, play, have fun. We humans are social animals, above all, and we seldom can find happiness without having friendship and support from others. That said, we cannot rely on others to coddle us into maturity, we have to lead our own life, ultimately.

I hope that helps, and isn't too long for you. People these days have such short attention spans, lol.

3 Name: Anonymos : 2010-05-06 14:22 ID:u6V+ncUi

Thanks. And I'm not a troll

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