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1 Name: Citizen : 2007-11-05 10:04 ID:ZaIbl64i

I developing a socio-political theory, But it requires significant explanation, and I currently I only have a laundry list of arguments in its favor in my head.
For this reason I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions for some good (in terms of conveying its message in a expository and/or persuasive way) Manifesto or Manifesto-Like documents I should read, e.g., The Communist Manifesto, which I plan to re-read tomorrow. Something social or political, especially if its to the left, would be better, as that is closer to where my document will be, but what I'm looking for most is good reasoning.

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It's easy to write something like that; I've done it before.

Just outline exactly what your relevant postitions on everything are. Brainstorm a bit. Then organize them by topic. This is what defines the theory, and everything here is what you absolutely have to include in the document.

Start with an introduction, explaining what this theory is and what it seeks to accomplish. Then put down the theory itself. You only need to put down the core tenets that define the theory, beyond that people can use their own reasoning. You might want to give an example or two if something is complicated, though.

After you've said everything above, you're done with the hard part. Now that you can assume people know about your theory's core, you can outline your plan for the future and show exactly why other theories don't work. At the very end, you should have a quick closing statement that is active and memorable, so that people don't come from your document feeling like they've read the owners' manual of a VCR.

10 Name: Citizen : 2008-02-08 09:03 ID:oYfY9fvB

Research conservative manifestos, too. Goldwaters "Conscience" or Milton Friedmans "Capitalism and Freedom" are good examples. You dont have to like them if you just want examples of a manifesto.

Also: I'm not trying to troll, but dont write a manifesto. If you're on this website I can safely assume that you're under 40. therefore, your political views are going to change about every 6 months. To write a really good manifesto, it usually takes at least a year. This is not to say that your ideology will change, but the specifics of your views will.

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Tell us more >>1.

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> you're under 40. therefore, your political views are going to change about every 6 months

That line of thinking (that people under 40 / unmarried / non-property-owners are indecisive / rebellious / stupid / simply haven't reached the inevitable adoption of a conservative outlook) seems to always go hand in hand with old-school conservatism and no other ideology.
I'd like to know: Why? Have most conservatives started out liberal?

14 Name: Citizen : 2008-02-09 00:09 ID:mNKjZwVg

>>13 Because they'll have given up on life by then, and won't try anything interesting.

15 Name: Citizen : 2008-02-09 00:40 ID:fzUDEWEE

i was using tor in my first post, so sorry if i dont have the same ID.

> That line of thinking ... seems to always go hand in hand with old-school conservatism and no other ideology.

no, thats not what i mean. i'm probably the most leftist guy here. i dont doubt this dudes sincerity, all i'm saying is that writting a "manifesto" takes going into detail. not a whole lot of detail, like an economics book, but just enough to cause problems. why is this a problem? because chances are, even if he doesnt change his mind on the big, general ideas, he'll probably change his mind on the details.

i'm no conservative. trust me.

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