board list is small and hard to read (5)

1 Name: Anonymous 04/12/16(Thu)23:44 ID:cSAxC0jH [Del]

font-size: 7pt;

Who was the bright mind behind that CSS? I hate you. I have to squint to see the board list.

Also, why is there an extra <br> between every board?

2 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy 04/12/17(Fri)05:50 ID:Ot95krP+ [Del]

What CSS style is this? Tried using the others? Secondly, what screen res and font size is your browser defaulting at?

I'm sure WAHa will find out about this. If you have a better way of doing the CSS which doesn't drastically change the looks of the pages but makes its easier for you, I'm willing to see the code and maybe trial something.

3 Name: Anonymous 04/12/17(Fri)07:40 ID:Heaven [Del]

I believe >>1 is talking about which isn't subject to any CSS styles the user could change.

4 Name: 1 04/12/17(Fri)13:22 ID:aW4Jy5LQ [Del]

How about this:

body { font-size: small }
h1 { font-size: medium }
<h1>Discussion Boards</h1>

:eng101: Scalable fonts are better than point-defined fonts.

5 Name: Anonymous 04/12/19(Sun)04:21 ID:DGcxeSs4 [Del]


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