Paranormal board? (4)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2008-08-13 13:58 ID:1KhCCTFg

Um....pokes...what do you think about the 16th anon idea in this:

2 Name: 15 : 2008-08-27 05:59 ID:Heaven

I posted in that thread too...

Sounds like a good idea at first, but will it work? Nobody would think their own ideas are particularly crazy and alternative after all.

(Assuming the idea is to clean up /science/. There might be perfectly valid reasons for a paranormal board of course.)

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2009-01-15 04:22 ID:Heaven

/x/ is popular on imageboards so it could work here.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2009-01-18 03:32 ID:MKYdJ6YX

Long ago in the days of Usenet, there were--maybe still are, i dno lol--newsfroups for discussion of paranormal topics.

There was little civil discussion. I don't know how many regular visitors 4-ch gets, I don't know what kind of visitor volume this place gets, but groups like alt.magick and alt.alien.visitors and alt.astrology were tard farms. They were kook magnets. Maybe 4-ch is small enough that such a board wouldn't turn into an instant permanent flamewar with the Science board, the way these froups did with sci.skeptic and and sci.astro and and alt.usenet.kooks. Maybe. Maybe the signal-to-noise ratio might exceed zero.

Maybe 4-ch is small enough to avoid that, but maybe 4-ch is too small for such a board to see much use at all.

This place is very, very quiet. Even DQN (dqn dqn lol) doesn't appear to have more than half a dozen or so regular posters, just at a guess.

Would there be any interest? Would there be anyone to use it enough to justify the memory and disk space and coding changes? This is a tiny little community. It's only my opinion, and that's worth what you paid for it, but there may already be too many boards here, dividing too few visitors too many ways and diluting what activity this place does see.

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