Melting Glaciers (9)

1 Name: Sling!XD/uSlingU 2005-09-07 00:16 ID:al7J+qJt
"scientists say the 40 percent of humanity living in South Asia and China could well be living with little drinking water within 50 years as global warming melts Himalayan glaciers, the region's main water source.

The glaciers supply 303.6 million cubic feet every year to Asian rivers"

"But as global warming increases, the glaciers have been rapidly retreating,"

"A World Wide Fund report published in March said a quarter of the world's glaciers could disappear by 2050 and half by 2100."

2 Name: Mad Scientist 2005-09-07 03:58 ID:Heaven

> could disappear by 2050

Hey that's okay. I'll be dead by then.

3 Name: Mad Scientist 2005-09-07 11:40 ID:Heaven


Dead from drowning, am I rite?

4 Name: Mad Scientist 2005-09-07 12:37 ID:Heaven

Nah, probably smoking too much weed.

5 Name: Alexander!DxY0NCwFJg!!muklVGqN 2005-09-08 01:43 ID:Heaven

>The glaciers supply 303.6 million cubic feet every year to Asian rivers"

Anyone else feel like the future holds accurate calculations of how much drinking water a certain fuel can generate, so for instance the "water value" of Uranium would be common knowledge? I have this not necessarily completely rational belief that we won't start treating our planet right before every single one of us has to think about/pay for our water to any significant degree.

6 Name: Alexander!DxY0NCwFJg!!muklVGqN 2005-09-08 22:16 ID:Heaven

I realized that >>5 can look like kookery if I don't explicitly say that I'm talking about water desalinisation (mainly).

7 Name: Thirqual 2005-09-12 11:20 ID:x3Tou5um

I sure hope not Alexander.
We have metric system, let's use it.
It will be more rationnal.
Don't know for you, but when I read a pressure in pounds per square inch I get very pissed off.

Apart from this (almost ideological, ok) point of vue, using such denomination would suppose a standard equipment for desalinisation. Some countries are still using dsitillation (think Saudi Arabia) when inverse osmosis is much more effective.

8 Name: Alexander!DxY0NCwFJg!!muklVGqN 2005-09-13 13:52 ID:Heaven

>We have metric system, let's use it.

I think you got me wrong.

We don't have a metric system for money. Money is what this is about: drinking water being worth €€€ and creating it being of huge economic significance. Think unit of distance/money for fuel.

9 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2014-10-29 20:20 ID:Heaven

I'm not looking to change the world but i would if i could, drop the bomb and nuke the whole lot.

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