Bineural beats (5)

1 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-01-23 07:32 ID:053L12s/

I just downloaded a huge pack of I-doser MP3s. Some of them sound pretty interesting, but I can't seem to get some to work.
Ones which effect my mental state seem to work (wake ups and sleepiness inducers) but I can't seem to get the ones that make you physically feel anything to work.

I listen to them in a dark room with no lights on, bigass headphones which block out almost all outside noise, and I try to focus on the beats as much as I can without falling asleep.
Am I doing something wrong?

2 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-01-23 08:28 ID:GLcsc+Wb

You're concentrating.

3 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-01-24 00:13 ID:yqH6s4ID

There is no way that this actually works

4 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-01-25 00:07 ID:38ASmFDh

My favorite music can effectively stir just about any emotion in me, so I don't see why this couldn't work.
But I'd just feel like a jackass if I was caught listening to a bunch of hisses and beeps.

5 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-02-06 14:13 ID:pKICSqkE

>>4 speaks the truth.

"Why listen to your massive list of songs that you love and effect you already, when you can spend 29.95 and buy these scientifically produced tracks that (probably) do the same!"

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