4-ch HELP ME GTO!!!!!! (7)

1 Name: GTO (O___O) : 2006-12-29 07:58 ID:ID0/Sqem

Can anyone tell me where I could get Shonan Junai Gumi (A.K.A. GTO The Early Years) the anime or live action?????? I have been searching for a few months now. btw I live in the U.S. PLEASE HELP !!!!!

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2006-12-30 16:21 ID:Heaven


3 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2006-12-30 17:23 ID:gsae/X3Z

Its very rare......

4 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2006-12-30 19:48 ID:Heaven

Yeah, I heard that only a handful of copies were ever made, and those who have them are extremely protective of them. If you find one, its price is likely going to be too high for anyone but the most dedicated of otaku.

5 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-01-12 00:48 ID:SVw7dIad

I think it is quite difficult to find an English version.
Shonan Junai Gumi is not as famouse as GTO and there are
no animations and live actions.

You can get Japanese version quite easily in Tokyo. However
I am currently in Australia and cannot help you.

6 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2007-01-14 03:33 ID:k66ilL1M

>5 and there are no animations and live actions

is there is ......

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obajPiq2UAE ---- the anime
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09nVvaMowRQ --- the live action

7 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2011-08-25 16:11 ID:Heaven

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