Seeking fellow Gundam Otaku's advice (20)

1 Name: Beginner Gundam Fan : 2008-02-17 11:12 ID:UqV88I7z

Hello! I would like to ask a question pertaining to the Gundam series. I watched most of Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and Gundam the 8th MS Team, but it's been a while and I haven't experienced the Gundam Seed series at all, or any other newer ones.

My question is, which should I start out watching? And what is the best series?

2 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2008-02-17 20:43 ID:WDXrI/ta

Gundam 0079 and gundam00 are the best series

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-02-17 22:50 ID:b1f/sUFR

>>1, you haven't seen the original/Gundam 0079?

Go for Gundam 0079, then the sequel Zeta Gundam. The first half ZZ/double Zeta sorta sucks, but if you can I would recommend watching that afterwards. Finish up with Char's Counterattack.

4 Name: High Fructose!nIP2DlX816 : 2008-02-17 23:04 ID:CpaJWaP4

I always say 8th MS Team is the best, because it was Gundam at its most Real Robot, but after that, 0079 (the original). If you haven't seen 0079, thirding watch it.

I haven't followed 00, is it really that great? Perhaps I'll have to check it out.

5 Name: 240 : 2008-02-18 00:30 ID:UqV88I7z

No I haven't. T_T Thanks alot though, for the advice. (^_^)

6 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-02-23 20:33 ID:Heaven

u lose. bye.

7 Name: Whispo : 2008-03-19 15:16 ID:MpCOzKPp


Well seeing how the series keeps surprising its fan community and seeing how it's something completely different then seed, i'd defenitely say yes :P

00 is a verry good gundam series imo, it's different then some of the other ones, but it has very nice animation and the stroy is really good. It's a bit like wing (the setting), though the comparison ends there. It's verry "modernly" themed (terrorism and stuff like running out of natural fuel). The mecha's are also verry realistic :O

8 Name: zdzdz : 2008-03-19 17:53 ID:DhZhVHuJ

Gundam 00 is really good. Perfect animation, perfect story and nice music.

One of my favourites is Gundam Seed. After watching it I started hating war.

9 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-03-25 16:06 ID:VBZ9YayU

YES 3d rendered gundam KITA

10 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-02 16:19 ID:VBZ9YayU

hello today i just baught a freedom gundam (master Grade) model kit it was 247.99$ it took me 11 hours to buil and its a 1/75 scale model FOR THE WIN

11 Name: Tristan Taylor : 2008-04-03 19:26 ID:xmJlHLtk

Because in the future, Card games will be played on Motorbikes.

12 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-11 16:27 ID:ehsmFKxJ

huh you actually have to build the models?
went to osaka gundams the other day and bought like 5 different model kits. does it come with the glue? does it even need glue or paint?!

13 Name: anon : 2008-04-14 08:02 ID:hTr3nqX6

oy, what r u, noob? of coz u need to assemble your gundam, its plamo not an action figure. no, u dont need glue but painting is needed.

14 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-16 16:25 ID:BHBrUZ0p


15 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-16 16:31 ID:q9PL8kPQ

Same person as >>14--wow, my phone's browser sucks o_o

But anyway, yes, everything people have said so far about Gundam 00 is pretty much right on. It's a beautiful series with an excellent story, I'll definitely be buying it once it gets licensed here in the States. It's probably my favorite Gundam series, I'm liking it more and more as I watch it.

As far as the others go, >>1, G Gundam is pretty good. I also really liked SEED, but what I've seen of SEED Destiny, not as much so. And of course you have to watch 0079 :P

16 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-16 17:03 ID:Heaven

i do not like 00
reasons why

1.too many female characters
2.the female characters all have the same bodytype
3.the female characters dress in too small outfits
4.the story feels compressed since its only 20something episodes
[no viewers = not good for za network] does not feel EPIC like good older gundams shows like Gundam Z,ZZ its just another mecha show with mechas who look gundam

17 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-17 02:08 ID:sdxus15r


  1. I thought most other Gundam series had too many guys compared to the number of girls. It's more even, and the guys all get the primary screen time anyway.
  2. I didn't think so, but maybe I just have an eye for differentiating female body types. :P If by "same body type" you mean "massively rack3d" then yes, I'd agree with you, but (a) MOST anime girls in shounen series are, and (b) if you lined Louise, Feldt, Saji's sister, and Christina up next to each other they'd still look pretty different.
  3. Feldt.
  4. The first season of 00 is 25 episodes. SEED (and SEED Destiny too I think) was 50 episodes, so 00 has probably another 25 episodes to go.
  5. Gundam Z/ZZ are pretty high standards of "epic" for a series. Even so, keep in mind that 00 is probably only halfway done. Plus it's its own unique storyline, in a real-world era (2300s CE; keep in mind, no two Gundam series are set in the same universe)—and maybe the lines between Gundam and other mecha in it are more blurred (at least until they fight) but they are still very plainly Gundams.

18 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-17 12:11 ID:Heaven

19 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-04-18 18:23 ID:sdxus15r

Well ok, at least take the fact that 00 is in an entirely separate universe from any other series (just like SEED, G, and Wing all were). It has a clear technological progression (the development of mobile suits), of which the Gundam class used by Celestial Being is obviously the most secretive and mysterious (at least to everyone outside CB). It isn't just HOLY SHIT GUNDAMS out of nowhere like G Gundam, but that doesn't make the Gundams in 00 any less so than their predecessors. There's still a lot of story left to go.

20 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-06-16 03:24 ID:xZNzjxW5

And I can't wait if they can a PG verion of 00 Gundam like wing zero!!!

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