[School Days] Ending (11)

1 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2008-05-28 09:03 ID:lTBzftKi

could somebody spoil me?
I wanna know if it's worth to keep watching.
I'm on EP 5 now. I'm only slightly amused after my friend told me it rocks.

2 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-05-28 15:46 ID:Heaven

There was a boat, and it was quite nice.

3 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-05-28 20:44 ID:EbQ83Yg2

Sekai kills Makoto then Kotonoha kills Sekai. There was lots of blood.

4 Name: anonymous : 2008-05-28 22:34 ID:9AjULxE9

skidding tick dimples

5 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-05-29 13:39 ID:jou363xA

And also, there was no baby. This is very important.

6 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2008-05-29 15:56 ID:LIHthfSs

saw the ending now, was pretty nice...i loved the last angle out of the stomach of sekai, haha

7 Name: Random Anime Otaku : 2008-05-30 14:04 ID:jou363xA

BTW, both those girls are very similar to girls I have fallen for in the past. Right up to the holding a knife.

8 Name: Sen : 2008-06-01 18:51 ID:phXti/rX

Anime ending sounds better than the manga ending. In the manga, Sekai and Makoto survive. ¬_¬ I need to watch the anime version just so I can have my satisfaction at the end when they die.

9 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2008-06-01 22:30 ID:q9QeQJy2

hi sen :D why dont you ever talk in my female otaku thread? :P

10 Name: Sen : 2008-06-02 21:33 ID:phXti/rX

I've been following it. I just generally lurk most of the time untill I either feel like posting or have something inspiring to say (doesn't happen often).

11 Name: Kite_DH!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2008-06-02 22:23 ID:IoLaJ0s+

haha alright, I liked your ideas/thoughts though. :P

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