You're a stupid fuck. [!]Offical DQN Holiday Thread[!] (22)

1 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 00:10 [no]

X-mas is not taking "Christ" out of Christmas, you stupid fuck. If anything, it's keeping Christ in but with more efficency.

See, the Greek letter "chi" looks much like the English letter "X", and it's also the first letter in "Christ" in Greek. So, you uptight Christian douche, I'm not taking Christ out, I just want to save a half-second of my life, but now that's gone because you had to get all anal-retentive and spout on and on about "Christ" and bullshit wasting my precious half-second I managed to save.

Give it a rest!

2 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 00:39 [no]

worst thread ever

3 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 00:54 [no]

All I want for christmas is to get 2.

4 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 01:03 [no]


5 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 01:49 [no]

Trivia: the Jew died in April, not December.

6 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 01:56 [no]

>>5 fuck, lemme redo that... He was born in August, not December.

7 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 02:50 [no]

best thread ever.

8 Name: Touchyournose 1993-09-4483 14:52 [no]

Jesus was an extreterrestrial.

9 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4483 15:13 [no]

A winner is you.

10 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4486 22:47 [no]

Correction: A Prophet is Jew.

11 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4486 22:55 [no]


12 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4486 23:31 [no]


13 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 13:25 [no]

Happy Decembermas!

14 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 13:36 [no]

Happy Saturnalia!

15 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 16:36 [no]

Happy Festivus!

16 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 17:47 [no]

Happy Feast of Fools!

17 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 18:38 [no]

Reason for season

How can you spell Christmas without Christ? You can't.

You see Jesus is the reason for the season. When we look at merry we see "Mary." When we look at Christmas we see "Christ."

Mary the Virgin gave birth to Christ the Saviour of this world. Happy never gave birth to holly for any reason. Ha ha. Get it? Happy holiday. Oh well, I think maybe we should take Christmas off the calendar.

We Christians know how to celebrate Christ every day. We could not be impositioned at all. How would the merchants feel about that? They want all the money, the business, and the woolah that goes with Christmas, but without Christ. Sorry, it will never happen. Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas. That will never change. But we don't have to shop where Jesus is not celebrated.

Jesus is the reason for the season.

Kathy Caughron


For more lols:

18 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 19:18 [no]


a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack.

Oh. Oh, okay.

Happy Woolah!

19 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4487 22:45 [no]

HAPPY 4487, September!

20 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4488 02:08 [no]

Never a happy holidays season for the /dqn/s!

21 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4489 16:38 [no]


Greetings from sunny Reality!~

Wishing you were here, love Ignorance xxooxx

22 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4490 16:49 [no]

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