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Cho had attended America's hard-line Anti-Christian Atheistic
public schools from the time he arrived here at age 8, through
2003 when he graduated high school. Thus Cho was schizophrenic:
part-Atheist by training and indoctrination, part-Christian by
his immortal soul seeing the Light. We might loosely associate
the left-brain with the mundane (Atheist) training, "severity",
and right-brain with the more sublime awareness of heaven and
hell, ergo "wisdom". Whereby Cho's intense psychic affliction,
his karma, and karmic attraction by those to his upset sphere
of influence, could not be reconciled from within and so Cho
externalized it, and went bloody "postal" April 16, 2007 AD.

This next quote from Cho is likewise revealing:

>Cho rejected the reported strong Christian faith of his parents.
>"Jesus loves crucifying me," he said in a video clip. "You loved
>introducing cancer in my head and terrorising my heart, raping my soul
>all this time."

Jesus, love, take up your cross, me (Cho's mortal ego-self).
That's a very Christian thing to say, actually. Next, "You",
here meaning the mortal-world fallen in sin, "meet my new
friend cancer", mortality, dis-ease, which can manifest in
real disease (kudos Edgar Cayce). Cho was contemptuous of
his bad karma, and that of the world, seeing that we are
verily Lucifers all: each time our soul is kicked out of
heaven to mortally incarnate to this "struggling" earth
(cf. Adolf Hitler's Kampf--revealing his own afflictions).

Cho seems to blame Jesus Christ for Cho's own sinfulness.
you know, like "the devil made me do it". Indeed, by Cho
allowing his God-self (Devil of the major arcana, Aries)
to be controlled by his ego-self (devil-incarnate of the
minor arcana, literally the human ego of the human brain,
it can be rightly said that the devil did make Cho do it.
As the maxim goes, our ego makes an excellent servant but
a poor master. Cho lost control of his own ego, as we see.

Thus, the holier-than-thou hypocritical world loves mammon
and debauchery, exacerbating the unease, unsettling motion,
emotional distress, in Cho's mortal ego-self, "in my head".

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