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asf, yeah

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You're like voodoo honey
All silver and gold
Why don't you tell me my future?
Why don't I sell you my soul?
So here it comes, the sound of drums
(Here come the drums, here come the drums)

Baby, baby, baby
You are my voodoo child, my voodoo child
Don't say maybe maybe
It's supernatural, I'm comin' undone

You're like voodoo baby
Your kisses are cold
Feel your poison running through me
Let me never grow old

You're like voodoo honey
My pictures you stole
You play me like a puppet
Sticking pins in a doll
So here it comes, the sound of drums
(Here come the drums, here come the drums)

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Association Thread (187) 2. Let's go n by

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>> Anonymous 06/26/07(Tue)09:31 No.384430
Either way, I'd hit it. Wtih a fucking sledgehammer.

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Did you notice the Doctor's expression when he hears the TARDIS aboard the Valliant and exclamates: "Brilliant!"

For a second there, I tought I was seeing Eccleston.

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{Tiger on teh Mac} sent you a Voice Clip which requires the latest version of Windows Live Messenger. To download the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, go to http://g.msn.com/5meen_us/122.

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This collection of declassified analytic monographs and reference aids, designated within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Directorate of Intelligence (DI) as the CAESAR, ESAU, and POLO series, highlights the CIA's efforts from the 1950s through the mid-1970s to pursue in-depth research on Soviet and Chinese internal politics and Sino-Soviet relations. The documents reflect the views of seasoned analysts who had followed closely their special areas of research and whose views were shaped in often heated debate. Continuing public interest in the series, as reflected in numerous requests through Freedom of Information and Executive Order channels, led CIA's Office of Information Management Services (IMS) to conduct a search of Directorate of Intelligence record systems for documents in this series and then undertake a declassification review of all the documents we located. The 147 documents in this collection, amounting to over 11,000 pages of analysis, were written between 1953 and 1973. The collection includes a large number of newly declassified monographs as well as some studies that have been previously declassified and released to individual requesters. The continuing sensitivity of some documents in the series required that they be withheld from declassification.

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that is not an english coverterm, why did they say it

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Wait, why has everyone given their opinion on you being a lawyer in the first place?

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it's never going to work

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   -‐‐- 、+    。     +    。     *    
/     ヽ   。              。
!  ! 人|,.iノl_ノ)   *  +    。  +    +   。 +
i  乂-‐ −! i   Turns out we weren't out of posts.  *   +
\ヽ .ゞ - ノノ  。  +     *  +    。 。
  ``フ i´。    *     。        。      
    / \ノゝ    +    。     *    +    。  
  /__i |丱!|  。     +    。*  +    。
==   THE REI'S DINOR    ==

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brb i need 2 pee

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egg-laying hentai

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average duration of sexual intercourse for humans is 2 minutes

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-an eventual disaster for the American economy."

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That's a nice picture Cementha!!!

So, how you been, and when are we going to go out for lunch????

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"I'm really wired. What do you say I... take you home and eat your pussy."

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I've been lax this morning because the OS X Intel torrent finally downloaded. I approached my computer with apprehension and palpable turgidity―could this be the fabled x86 OS X ISO? Had I found the Grail of legend, the last disk from which Steve Jobs accessed data before he passed from this world into the darkling plain of the superego?

I cut open a fresh CD-R and my optical drive ejected, its open maw awaiting the sweet release of burning. The CD-R was too small. What magic was this? I opened a window to release the foul vapors that were emanating from the computer, a mix of sulphur and goat-smells that predated man's early walk with the Woz, our Savior, He of the 8-bit Instruction Set. I was turning from a mere mortal to an OSXomancer, a dark priest with control of both the living and the dead. I would walk in a land that for 5 years ran parallel to our own, a land formed by the the wizened crones of Cupertino who every night at midnight burned two copies of each build―one for the humans and one for the gods.

More after the jump.

Burning. I had never felt so much longing. Burning. Verifying. It was verifying. The burner was churning and I prepared to boot my PC. My Mac Mini, faithful to a fault for almost four months, seemed to cringe. It knew that its time was up. This was the end of the road, fair PowerPC-powered friend. The Mini ejected the foul disk and the smell grew stronger. I saw shadows flicker behind the bookshelf and the mouse seemed to be greasier, wet with my anticipatory glee.

Time to press the button.

The PC churned to life. The fans whirred and it was as if my PC was a hovercraft that would take me to a new and beautiful country. There I would frolic with Aqua, Steve would wave to me from the water and beckon me in. He would be standing on the water, I would be in a boat. I would float towards him and he would show me such secrets, such beautiful secrets. They would be more than just Splat-X and Splat-V. They would be more than just "ps -ea." I opened my PC's optical drive. It was time to Switch.

My KVM chirped. Windows 2000 appeared. Out foul beast! Make way for your Master! Make the roads straight and herd the Wild Eep! For He Comes! He Spins Up! No! My optical drive isn't booting first. It's going to the HD, that fetid land of the Accidental OS. Bill Gates never had to fight his way out of a garage, he never had to pick apples to build his first computer, he never had to deal with poorly made PowerPC clones, he never had to think about just the right color for the trash can. Away with thee, Windows 2000. Darken this keyboard no more. A pox on all your business units! The fumes were overpowering.

I switched the BIOS to boot from the optical disk. I restarted. The disk churned and a strange, beautiful light enveloped everything. I almost fell asleep. I could have rested now for eternity. My purpose was complete. I closed my eyes and lay back and let it wash over me. It was a feeling of peace, of joy, of absolute serenity.

The disk was booting!

Seconds passed. Each one was an eon. 1... the paramecium are born in the briny waters of early earth... 2... the dinosaurs roamed among the ferns and the grasping vines... 3... the early mammals skittered under the onslaught of fire... 4... man is here, his first paintings and drawings, the first inklings that he had a kernel, a soul... 5... great philosophers, great thinkers, great authors all appear, warriors take huge tracts of land, monks toil over manuscripts, Bill Carris writes Inside Atari Basic, the Apple II appears, a supernova, and walking towards me on a knife edge of light, this strange being, luminous and thin, the ultimate expression of our evolution, a Debian-powered angel awaiting my orders...

Then the goatse guy appeared. Must have been a hoax. MAC OSX TIGER X86 READ NFO.torrent is a dud. Anyone else have another torrent?

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no matter how shitty your day has been,

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Torrentspy, mininova, etc

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folgers coffee commercial weird surreal golden people wake up rise and shine sleep when you are dead

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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Seto no Hanayome

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ID:5212960 彩 32歳

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And I'm pretty sure Catcher in the Rye doesn't make it out of High School except in the shitty colleges.

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I seriously feel like punching through a wall. Repeatedly and furiously.

Yet I kept giggling and jumping up and down throughout the entire episode like a rabid school girl. I'm still grinning like hell, being giddy while clutching my fist and repressing my newly found violent tendencies.

Also, the last scene with the Doctor and Martha has made me gay for Tennant.
Also, I fear the internet will drown under the vast amount of slash that was born out of the Master/Doctor scenes after he rejuvenated.


oh god I've never felt so confused about an episode, EVER. I hated it loved it and everything in between.

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Skuld = Asuka
Urd = Misato
Belldandy = Rei

It all makes sense now! o_O;

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I think the confession of mistakes is really this perverse macho thing where we’re really talking about how powerful we are. Every time I hear about people talking about their patient they’ve killed, I think about how they’re talking about how powerful they really are and how they can kill anyone. It’s a hazing thing that we all have to kill a couple to show off how cool we are. Still, there’s no question I’ve made some unbelievably stupid decisions.

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iTunes Music

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70% - 1 kill
50% - 2 kills
40% - 3 kills

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Trail of Broken Hearts

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(Just to be clear, we don't have sex.)

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What's your sex life like at home?

Boring!! :) Lights out, on the bed, missionary position! Ahhhhhh, I can relax... At home, I'm not wondering where the camera is all the time, I don't care if my mascara is running, nobody sees if a position makes me look fat, I don't have twenty people standing around, no hot lights, and best of all, I'm comfortable! I don't want to do anything but close my eyes, and simply enjoy the orgasms... It kicks serious BUTT over sex at work. Sex at work is fun 'cause I get to have sex outside of marriage, without getting in trouble. (If my husband's directing, what can he say? Asia, you're having TOO much fun - Cut it out! hahaha!)

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Guess which two European languages are actually the same? Spanish and Italian, that's which two! Think I'm lying? Listen for yourself, then apologize...

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Cologne gasped in fright. "No! Not him! May the ancestors protect us!" She
shouted to the table at the far side of the yard. "What are you waiting for?
He's a demon! We've got to send him back to hell!"

A girl with huge braided hoops in her hair jumped into the air, somersaulted
and shouted a transformation phrase. "I hold no enmity against those coerced
into evil... But to those vile beings who toy with the hearts and souls of
men..." She added, "or women." For an instant, her clothes vanished, she
twirled with her arms outstretched and landed wearing a red silk Chinese
style long dress with a ying-yang symbol on her chest. "We, since the time
of Ancient Gods, have been your destroyers. Now, the 108th generation Devil
Hunter, Yohko, is here! Beware!" A long two handed sword appeared out of
nowhere and she stood in a stance, ready to deliver a killing blow on the
foul pervert. "Hiyaa!" She screamed as she brought the blade down to bear.

"P-pretty lady..." Happosai drooled at the moment he got a free show from
the magical transformation. His survival instinct kicked in a moment before
he was about to perform long division in a physical way, courtesy of a
magical devil killing sword. He jumped and latched onto the two great mounds
that called his name from behind the black and white symbol on the girl's
chest. "Hotcha!"

Yohko's hair became undone, popping out of its twin braids and it flowed
down her back in a beautiful style blowing in the breeze. The girl gave out
a primeval scream as the creature from hell touched her in just the wrong
way. "ARGH! Get it off me!" She bashed the little freak with the hilt of her
blade repeatedly, but it had no effect on him. Since that tactic didn't
work, she reversed her sword and jammed the pointed end between herself and
the gnome in an attempt to pry the little monster off. She wiggled her
blade, twisting and turning it to get some sort of leverage, but the little
man was attached to her breasts too tight and wouldn't let go.

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<setting name='room_list' type='string'>http://insider.msg.yahoo.co.jp/ycontent/</setting>

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var pictureSrc = 'http://shii.org/b/mittens.gif'; //the location of the mittens
var pictureWidth = 40; //the width of the mittens
var pictureHeight = 46; //the height of the mittens
var numFlakes = 10; //the number of mittens
var downSpeed = 0.01;
var lrFlakes = 10;
var EmergencyMittens = false;

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The film was an incredible ordeal, and famously involved moving a 340-ton steamship over a mountain―without the use of special effects

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A man who thought the clerk at a fast-food drive-through was rude for not saying "please" and "thank you" punched her in the face, police said. Duane L. Williams, angered by what he felt was the clerk's rudeness, walked into the store to complain just before 8 p.m. Wednesday, Penn Hills police Chief Howard Burton said Friday.

Before the manager could meet with Williams, he walked back outside, pushed open the drive-through window and punched the 19-year-old woman in the face.

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>>68 reads like Curse of the Fanboys, but it's not in there. Where's it from?

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selfishly wishing that I was with you

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Since January 25, 2007, Google claims to have altered its algorithms to reduce the effect of googlebombing. This change has removed both the 'miserable failure' and 'waffle' googlebombs from the front page as well as many others. Following this change, the first page of Google search results for 'miserable failure' is almost entirely occupied by articles about the googlebomb. Some believe this to be less about changing the algorithms and more about removing specific instances; typing 'French Military Victories' and hitting the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button will still lead you to to the "Did you mean: French Military Defeats" site.

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'Aspergers Syndrome: Excuse used by maladjusted social retards for why they are failures at interacting with others.

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zuNayAtM [Del]

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____/∵∴∵∴ \/∵∴/∴∵ \ \/∵∴●∴∴.● | |∵∵∵/ - \ ∵| tanasinn |∵∵/three | three | | |∵∵ | \ |/| | \ ∵ | \ _ _ no. |/\ |___/\

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When swimming naked, make sure to avoid waters that contain flesh-eating fish. No one looks sexy without skin.

88 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-5055 03:17

"Sexxxy sexxxulous!"

89 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-5055 16:53

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ゴチャゴチャ装備品をひっつけて、らしくする。一見回転しそうな砲塔は固定式って言う設定。サイドスカートはじゃまくさいので、取り払った。意外と強そうだ。 昔セクサロイドって漫画で、シルエットだけだけど、こんな感じの戦車が出てきてたな。日本軍の戦車だけど、女だけの搭乗員だったんで、ボカスカに負けていたが。

今日のお買い物:かすたまP 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー &綾波レイ
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It was actually an obscure Flaming Carrot reference, but it's not like there was any chance of anyone getting it. : )

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Everything You Need to Know About Cunnilingus But You Were Too Busy Picking the Hairs Out of Your Teeth to Ask

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:広告:::孔明のWanna BeうるとらB!

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This thread has been closed. You cannot post in this thread any longer.

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By clicking 'confirm"

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practically every modern president ever has pardoned people who did worse*COUGH

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Connare had already created a number of child-oriented fonts for various applications, so when he saw a beta version of Microsoft Bob that used Times New Roman in the word balloons of cartoon characters, he decided to create a new face based on the lettering style of comic books he had in his office.

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And yet it still looks homosexual...

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