Cereal Experiments! (40)

1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-19 05:44 ID:3LMdqbI4

Pour a bowl of cheerios. Add some milk, grab a spoon.
This is a bowl of cereal.
Ever wish for something more?

Have you ever done anything to make cereal more interesting? I know a few people who have. What've your experinces been like? I'll list a few of mine.

A friend on IRC told me of this one.
Take a bowl of fruit loops, and instead of the usual milk, replace it with root beer. I used IBC Root Beer. Pretty simple. Pour as much root beer in as you would regular milk.
Really, this wasn't as bad as it looked in the bowl. If you manage to get the first few bites down, it becomes almost enjoyable. I wouldn't do it all the time, but as an occasional treat, it really isn't so bad.
Rating: 6.5/10

This is actually VERY good.
Take some chocolate teddy grahams, pour them in a bowl, put milk in, and there you go! Sort of hard to keep on the spoon, but it tastes pretty good. Better than most chocolate cereal, I think!
Rating: 8/10

BAWLS (-_-)
Really, I hate bawls now.
I also hate penguin mints and most forms of caffeine.
But I used to be one of those kids who loved their bawls and would drink anything just because it has caffeine in it. No longer, though.
Anyway, I bought a few cases of bawls and some penguin mints, and i liked to drop a mint into my bawls to make it taste a bit better and have that "extra kick." So, I made a cereal out of it. How'd it taste...?
Rating: 1/10

Have anymore ideas? Post a past experince, try something now, or give us ideas to try and we'll tell you the results!

2 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-19 10:55 ID:Heaven

2GET (reading this thread makes me stomach churn)

3 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-21 15:02 ID:Heaven

Yeah, after this thread, I'm just gonna stick with cereal and milk.

4 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 00:32 ID:KrrQtoLz

Try the Sana-chan method. Pour a bowl of cereal, then grind it with a mortar. Add milk to form a paste.

(o゚∀゚)つ"Very tasty, and very American!"

Warning: this recipe has not been taste-tested by >>4

5 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 01:04 ID:REvq10f1

My dad likes to mix raisin bran in with oatmeal. He claims it's very good.

6 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 16:59 ID:w37iznCf

I just got Cap'n Crunch with special ghost pieces in it, they even change color! Is anyone besides me excited at special edition of cereals? On another note, I always enjoy reading the back of the box.

7 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 17:45 ID:FStv7o2c

I like special edition cereals. New shit rocks. Like when they did the all berries version of Crunch Berries... actually, I kind of wish I had a large bag of those tiny little cereal marshmellows, you know the ones. They taste a thousand times awesomer than regular marshmallows.

8 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 19:41 ID:T5QG0QUq


All Berries rocked. For a while at work we made Go Snacks canisters with cereal in them (All Berries, some kind of chocolate flavor, plain Cap'n Crunch, etc.) I gained a lot of weight that summer. :(

9 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 22:41 ID:Heaven

This title makes me think of "Cereal Experiments Lain". Can you imagine the adventures in the world of cereal?

10 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 22:43 ID:e0Q7b5G/

I do too! The last shred of childhood..


11 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 22:44 ID:l6hBncPe

I love special edition cereals, specifically the "summer edition" of Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberry pieces. I like fruit in my cereals, but am usually too lazy to cut or buy fresh fruit. This solved all my woes!

12 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-09-22 22:45 ID:Heaven

sometimes, just for kicks, I put my cereal into a tall cup instead of a bowl. it's good for taking around the house quickly :)

13 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-06 22:12 ID:nudbVlPz


Sometimes I make cereal with hot chocolate or super-sweet coffee instead of cold milk.

14 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-07 12:52 ID:Heaven

reminds me of it too. damned meme/pun making me want to pull a long row of bad jokes about that...

But yeah.. When lacking real cereals, one can take crisp breads and crush them to flakes, mix that with yoghurt and berries / pieces of fruit, and voila.

15 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-10 16:38 ID:+ClttYUO

i remember i used to eat that , tastet better then cereals

16 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-17 03:32 ID:0eWNZssp

Now that cool weather is coming to the temperate portions of the Northern Hemisphere, readers located there may wish to think of this:

A hot cereal porridge is a nice part of breakfast on a cold day, and you can make something close to it in the microwave with milk and any of the "raisin bran" type raisin cereals. The procedure is obvious, and the result is very good on a cold winter morning.

17 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-28 06:59 ID:MS86Yto0

Does anyone else sprinkle sugar on their corn flakes?

18 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-29 21:45 ID:Heaven

I used to put sugar on anything that didn't already have too much in it already. I probably wouldn't anymore nowadays, but I don't actually know because I never have breakfast anymore.

19 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-10-30 06:15 ID:ZywD1qmt

I used to do that with sugar, too. Still do if it's hot chocolate or something.
As for breakfast, I have gotten used to eating a bowl of oat bran with a chopped-up banana mixed in. No sugar added, no butter added. It tastes really good and hot, adding anything would ruin it.

20 Name: G Dub 2005-11-22 23:43 ID:04X8pY/P

I wish I knew how to make the cereal marshmellows....I love them so much...someone should most definitely market thouse becuase even if they sold them at 5 bucks a box, i'd buy about 10 boxes a week ^_^

21 Name: foymula 2005-12-05 12:39 ID:Z7PS1Km6

it's true, here in australia, chinese people also have a tendency to open Japanese restuarnt shops, they suck ass at it, Chinese food has NOTHING to do with japanese food.

22 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-06 01:58 ID:MS86Yto0

They call it drano for your colon

I decided to take William Shatner's All Bran challenge. The idea of "feeling good" appealed to me, and I was in the mood for an experiment. That and I wanted to see what kind of stuff it might flush out. Therefore, for the next two weeks I'll be eating 1/2 a cup of what appears to be cardboard crispy chow mein noodles as well as increasing my water intake(recommended by them when increasing fiber intake). I'll try to provide daily reports on my condition if anyone wants.

23 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-06 17:56 ID:Heaven

Reports plz, I am curious.

24 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-07 04:52 ID:MS86Yto0

Day one:

The taste is... well, not terrible, but nothing to write home about either. Kind of like Shreddies but unsweetened and earthier. Milk helps. Had some bad gas during the day, but it's passed now. No other noticeable effects.

On another note, the daily value of fiber recommended by the health bureaucracy around here is 25 grams. This two week challenge is essentially about adding 12 grams to whatever you were getting so far. By my estimate, I had about 3-10 grams a day before so this should get me fairly close to the ideal value.

25 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-07 16:13 ID:yJ5CA4og


Remember if you are going to up your fibre and water intake, also take a pinch more salt than normal, to prevent cramping.

26 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-08 04:47 ID:MS86Yto0

Thanks for the tip.

Day two:

I can feel the stuff moving through my system for a couple of hours after breakfast, but it settles eventually. No major changes in general feeling, or in the bathroom. Although I did see a little black stuff once, so maybe I am getting flushed out after all.

27 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-09 01:31 ID:MS86Yto0

Day three:

Bad gas again. You were right about the cramps, >>25. I have found myself becoming more regular, but it doesn't help that I can't go between morning and evening. No way am I using one of those public bathrooms. I still don't "feel really good".

28 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-10 04:32 ID:Heaven

Day four:

Cramps are gone, and less gas. I think my system is starting to stabilize.

29 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-11 03:43 ID:Heaven

Day five:

Not much change. I'm not feeling any better yet compared to before I started. In fact, I kind of feel a little bloated, if you can call it that.

30 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-12 03:50 ID:Heaven

I think a 1/2 cup of that crap is an awful lot. Maybe if you ate 1/4 cup instead you would not be so bloated.

31 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-13 06:24 ID:Heaven

Days six and seven:
Not bloated anymore. Almost no gas now. No other significant changes.

32 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-15 14:16 ID:Heaven

Days 8 and 9:
I've noticed a tiny bit of weight loss. Now I think I'm back to where I started in terms of a general healthiness feeling.

33 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-16 03:27 ID:MS86Yto0

Day 10:
I kind of do feel a little better.
It does seem like a lot at first, but in a bowl it's about the same volume as I would normally have of other cereals like corn flakes. However, it is denser and seems to absorb the milk more. I have to add more milk in the middle of eating because it keeps dissappearing.

34 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-17 04:02 ID:Heaven

Day 11:
No change.

35 Name: Apprentice Chef 2005-12-22 00:44 ID:xitZhk9m

I couldnt do it!

36 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-01-11 16:16 ID:p/GNGo0p

Did >>34 die? I hope not :(

37 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-01-13 19:09 ID:wi1a4MWr

>>34 is my hero, please come pack! D:

38 Name: 22, 34, and several in between 2006-01-13 22:33 ID:MS86Yto0

Hello, >>34 here. Sorry for the delay. I do have some interesting finds to report.

Days 12-14:
No significant change here either, but when I look back over the long term I think it's been so gradual I didn't really notice the changes until I stopped.

Compared to when I started, I became more regular. Going to the bathroom was also easier. I hesitate to go into detail in case it gets too graphic. A curious change was that when I felt the urge to go, I would feel it in my gut instead of my rear end like before.

I ran out of cereal just as the challenge period ended, having used one box. I didn't buy more, and in two or three days I really saw how much of a difference it had made. I started going days without, er, "going". Even after using the bathroom it felt like I had a lead weight in the pit of my stomach. So I got some more and now I guess like Shatner said, I do feel pretty good.

As to taste, mixing a 1/4 cup with yogurt is great. I might also try with oatmeal. They also have this other "buds" type that seem a bit more palatable. It has even more fiber plus psyllium fiber, and you only need to have 1/3 of a cup per serving. I'll probably try that next.

All in all, I think we can call this experiment a success.

39 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-01-16 07:40 ID:Heaven

I'm not very brave when it comes to cereal, and am not bored enough to read through this thread, but I will say this:

Mixing a sweet cereal with a plain cerial rox: Pops & Chex, Cocoa Krispies & Cheerios, etc.

40 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-01-25 18:07 ID:AUf6XiXl


fail GET

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