Shuffle! Game Translation (149)

146 Name: Helkin : 2009-12-23 07:49 ID:47VXHNKh

Yeah, newsflash. It was all a joke. We never even started on a file. In fact, I'm the only one who's real. There was no crew. Nobody actually did any work. I just took credit of some uncompleted patch someone never finished, abandoned and moved on from. The game sucks. Really. It hardly compares to other Visual Novels. I'm overly-tired of you idiots emailing me. STOP. You've waited YEARS for one game's patch? How stupid can you be? Just move on and jerk off to something else. And if you really need a translation, just Google a Japanese to English translator. Hope you had a fun few years waiting for disappointment. You may want to look around for a canceled Shuffle! translation patcher. Seriously. How can you buy all these obvious lies for so long? I thought you'd give up in a few months. Have a good life. Goodbye.

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