Shuffle! Game Translation (149)

1 Name: THRILLHO 2005-12-29 01:28 ID:RLv6okmj

This is the 4-ch thread for the Shuffle! translation.

Go ahead and post. Name not required.

101 Name: Anonymous : 2008-04-30 23:21 ID:afZyi8/D

ack... 25% >_< can't wait for 50%

102 Name: Pedo : 2008-06-18 22:54 ID:pUELW963

Apparently it is in the "Beta Testing" status.... and the site is down... they said the latest they would have it done by is in July... that is only a few weeks away...

103 Name: TheBlindAnon : 2008-07-21 05:10 ID:6e5WtUX4

Gah... it's supposed to be out this month... but the only information the "down" site is giving me...
We're working on Tick-Tack!
Don't work on Tick-tack till shuffle is released please...

104 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-07-22 09:20 ID:RZY/TaNz

hey from what i heard the patch is allready out but the main site is down. can someone tell me where to get the patch.

i've waited for 2 years

105 Name: Jared : 2008-07-27 09:44 ID:iXnTQGC+

Guys, i think the projecy might have been abondoned... i can't give it credit but i heard something like 'Heklin lost all the files on his computer'

As i said, i can't give it credit, but if its true... We are all FUCKED

106 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-08-21 04:55 ID:rTbkMTh5

project hasnt been abandoned, the problem is that Helkin has no internet in Japan, and we cant get the necesary scripts and crap from him. The thing is just about translated and edited, if Helkin had internet, the project could have been completed months ago.

107 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-08-21 05:03 ID:scwE56BB

OH, man...this sucks....

108 Name: Gutted : 2008-08-26 16:08 ID:jAXxMULX

I think I'm going to cry....

109 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-08-31 03:04 ID:Heaven

There is always snail mail.

110 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-09-02 01:23 ID:Cfpj59oJ

If that were the case couldn't he just stop by an internet cafe or something?

111 Name: Mr. no name : 2008-09-02 15:04 ID:u6iBfgMB


yeah I agree. I mean japan is a country at the peak of technological advancements...I'm 100% positive there's a cafe there somewhere.

Hurry Heklin...we need shuffle now... o_0

112 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-09-17 04:17 ID:rTbkMTh5

site is UP

113 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-09-24 05:12 ID:3oMqnmRf

let's all go study japanese just to play this game.

114 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-09-27 15:19 ID:Xy8gEGal

just so you know ero-jiji should be back in november and finish both shuffle and before january

115 Post deleted.

116 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-02 17:37 ID:Heaven

Thank god, I can play it on New Years 2011 then.

117 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-04 13:40 ID:Xy8gEGal

I'm really not a troll.
Well you can always start believing me when the patch is actually released.

118 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-04 13:48 ID:Heaven

study japanese!

119 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-13 20:31 ID:p4cGoMSl

Very good. Thanks

120 Name: Ace : 2008-10-29 22:35 ID:N1m8aY9Z

sigh site's down again? >.> i know it's taking forever.. but it's taking forever.. i shoulda just learned jap, but then again it just displays weird characters.. and not jap.. idk why. i installed asian language stuff with xp.. but not sure whats going on

121 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-30 02:31 ID:mi++Awq0

I think you need to set the "Language for non-Unicode programs" to Japanese in your Regional and Language Options. I assume you're using MS Windows.

122 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-10-30 15:25 ID:oQ1OCz9b


123 Name: kaze : 2008-10-30 15:27 ID:oQ1OCz9b

fc 309401707864

124 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-11-06 00:30 ID:ktKKHP20

Thats it, I'm learning moon.
Problem is... Where to start.

125 Name: NavelFan : 2008-12-11 23:00 ID:Z76D+lIf

Ok, if Helkin really is in japan, and really doesn't have internet, how did they tell everyone? With a long-distance call? And yeah, I don't trust anything that is said about Helkin, because nobody seems to know anything beyond the fact that they don't have internet. Helkin might have DIED for all we know. And waiting for one person to come back after so long is kind-of meaningless. I advise the contributors find someone to replace Helkin, and finnish the patch. Waiting for them is wasting time and money. Not to mention annying little rumors flying around. Does anyone agree with that? I personally think that Helkin gave up and didn't tell anyone about their failure.

126 Name: jx : 2008-12-13 01:50 ID:oZgBMVYZ

u r right

127 Name: Drunken.dx : 2008-12-23 10:58 ID:OhT3OZuh

I sure hope not.

I think that they will just put site back up with completed patch.

128 Name: A Stranger : 2008-12-26 03:45 ID:pt3Zvcz2

According to gamepatch the patch is completly finished already and has been for awhile. They (Gamepatch admin) just cant find Helkin who has the only copy of the finished patch.

129 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-12-27 20:56 ID:Gz0BK1p7

wtf is going on with the site? Welcome to nginx! did lordi get bored and decide to reset the server? ugh i dunno. will this patch EVER get released? (I've been here for a few yesrs waiting now)

130 Name: A Sranger : 2008-12-30 10:29 ID:0CfAFIkF

I too have been waiting for the patch for years. My patience wears thin as my copy of Shuffle! gathers dust. I think it'd be faster to just learn Japanese than too wait until it is released...

131 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2008-12-30 19:31 ID:nyXdhnkP

perhaps I'm old fashioned, but I've always noticed this topic and wondered why it even existed.

Why are you guys so hooked on the Shuffle! game anyway? once it's translated into english, you'll probably play it for like 2 hours, fap, and forget about it.

132 Name: Xeiom : 2009-01-06 00:25 ID:r4/yR+W1

Shuffle is not really a game, its a visual novel, so its got a good 80+ hours to it.

The Shuffle Universe is unique and lovable, just watching the Anime or reading the manga you can enjoy it, but it was a game beforehand, the reason behind the success of Project-Navel(the company that made it) so naturally we would want to see it. Being a visual novel it is also timeless, it would still interest people in years to come just like books do!

One thing that interests me however is that they are translating the game into english (i've downloaded the first 3days which they released to prove it would work) and the text is english and voice (ofc) remains japanese. i would like to use that and see how much japanese i can figure out from playing it, with my own little guide to what it actually means. Great for learning Japanese(as mentioned above may actually be able to play game in japanese by the time it comes out though ^^)

They have made atleast 3 days into english and also uploaded the complete translation onto thier server, which died mere hours later, its possible some people out there hold a copy i assume but i doubt they will be sharing it even just for lack of knowing that its no-longer around. The server "died" and the files were lost, helkin remaining the only one with the translation. they reuploaded the alpha patch the last patch that the website runners actually had.

they also posted on the website that they would be refreshing everything after another server death (not trusting these server people i think) but no positive update has been made since, latest it now says Nginx.

They should put something up but no-one seems to be compunicating between their team and the community, i belive most of the team were all close friends and probabley do not feel the need to give us updates, who knows maybe they just got busy, maybe helkin is dead. if i learn anything i'll pass it on where i can.

10% Helkin's Dead
4% Server gets back online within a month
80% Server gets back online by september
13% Server comes online with the patch
98.88% You learn japanese before the patch comes out
43% Patch Is lost
47% Patch Never Existed Past 3 days
100% You read the chances

133 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-01-08 04:19 ID:6suihR7f

I want to play the game 'coz Asa anime end sucks.

134 Name: Hitokiri_Ace : 2009-01-08 04:34 ID:N1m8aY9Z

well it's been forever since heklin "died" lol they should at least admit whats going on.. i really appreciate their work.. but if they hadn't picked it up, i'm sure another group woulda formed and gasp actually done something. lol

135 Name: Piter : 2009-03-21 22:50 ID:EWdbv/8e

Yeah... I couldn,t wait on it. :P I try my best but it isn't help me :(

136 Name: Tornado261 : 2009-04-03 16:40 ID:fRNBwXQA

For the love of God, would someone just spread the word that it's a hoax? They've been sitting on a "completed" patch for what, like 5+ years? It's fake. Beats me why they're keeping this charade up. OWN UP TO THE HOAX. THIS IS THE INTERNET, CHANGE YOUR USER NAMES AND YOU WONT GET ANY FLAK, but if I were the creators, and the do finally own up, I would watch my back at night...

137 Name: fuutsunaningenjanai : 2009-04-07 17:29 ID:WtnBelct

waiting won't do anything, just learn japanese.
if not, or rather u don't like to, then wait for your selves.
but if it's the moment that I posted here the time the patch is up...
what a coincidence I guess? XD
sometime sooner or later, if the patch exists then go~~~
this is the internet after all, don't mind my words too much if u hate it

138 Name: Adryanmh : 2009-04-27 21:19 ID:YrdJnGSz

Latest news:

2009-02-27, 14:13
Hello everyone!

So, its been a while hasn't it? Its update time.

Ero-Jiji is alive and well. He is currently stuck in USA waiting on his visa so that he can go back home to Japan. All of the Shuffle files are on his HD at home in Japan, so he does not have access to it. The reason he is still waiting on his visa (He applied for it 6 months ago) is because of the election (thats our best guess) and paperwork is backed up to hell. He has recently gotten his Passport in, hopefully his Visa will be soon to follow. So he is hoping to be able to return home within the next month or two.

The whole surgery thing was my wife and I. We had our baby, and to be honest, life has been hectic since. At 1 month our son had to have surgery for Pyloric Stenosis (google it), we moved in december, and now we are 1 month away from our wedding. I will be completely honest and say that I haven't had much time to get online at all since.

As for the website, our webmaster, Lordi, is working on the site, changing it over to a new system. At the moment, I believe college is catching up and he is focusing most of his time on that, since the website wouldn't do much good until Ero can get back to Japan anyway.

As for the shuffle patch. Yes, all the work is done is done, it just has to be finalized (make sure no files are missing or anything), compiled, and distributed. But as I said, its all inaccessible until EroJiji can go home.

As for the Welcome to NGINX thing, I am supposing that is something that Lordi threw up with the new server system. We will get in touch with him and ask about it, and when we can expect the website to be back up.

So yeah, with Ero stuck in US, me and my wife taking care of our son, and Lordi dealing with college, there is no progress to be made or reported at the moment. GamePatch is still alive and well, we are just having some IRL issues at the moment.

I will keep an eye on the thread, and try and answer any questions you folks may have.

Thank you,
The GamePatch Team

More comments by him:
2009-03-04, 11:42
Well, the truth of the matter is, during most of the time you all were waiting on shuffle, so were we (the staff). During that time, Ero-jiji was unable to contact me or any other staffers. I finally got in touch with him July of 2008, and he is currently waiting on his Visa (he recently got his passport, so his visa should be coming soon) so that he can go back home. The only thing he has planned to do in america before going home is to attend mine and my fiance's wedding.

2009-03-05, 10:58
He is a japanese citizen. But he filed for his new US visa (it had expired) about 6 months ago, because it could take up to 2 years and a lot of hoops to jump through to get a US visa in japan. So he is waiting on that, else he won't be able to come back to the US for a long time.

139 Name: anonymous : 2009-05-24 12:38 ID:4UYhM6r7

To be honest, I don't think many people is gonna buy that.

140 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-06-01 06:15 ID:dxBj6Pyv


141 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-06-05 12:49 ID:uSRUUyoX

There are plenty of other visual novels being translated into English. Just play them instead.

142 Name: emiya : 2009-06-21 14:27 ID:HiuKmzG8

so they didn't work on the english translation patch at all???

143 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-06-22 12:43 ID:uSRUUyoX

There are so many visual novels and eroge translated into English since this topic was started. Just play one of them instead. It's dead, Jim.

144 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-07-09 07:03 ID:+BqPucqC

there are updates

145 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-07-20 23:07 ID:sHOwdSHt

Yeah. Updates from MangaGamer that they're going to release it. So save up your 50 Euros or whatever and buy it!

146 Name: Helkin : 2009-12-23 07:49 ID:47VXHNKh

Yeah, newsflash. It was all a joke. We never even started on a file. In fact, I'm the only one who's real. There was no crew. Nobody actually did any work. I just took credit of some uncompleted patch someone never finished, abandoned and moved on from. The game sucks. Really. It hardly compares to other Visual Novels. I'm overly-tired of you idiots emailing me. STOP. You've waited YEARS for one game's patch? How stupid can you be? Just move on and jerk off to something else. And if you really need a translation, just Google a Japanese to English translator. Hope you had a fun few years waiting for disappointment. You may want to look around for a canceled Shuffle! translation patcher. Seriously. How can you buy all these obvious lies for so long? I thought you'd give up in a few months. Have a good life. Goodbye.

147 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-12-25 18:01 ID:Rep4oShD

You fail as a troll.

anyways, shuffle was translated and released by mangagamers who was working with Yandere translators to get it done.
Now we just need shuffle! essence plus translated and we will be golden.

Also, higurashi was released recently, go get yer copy.

148 Name: Kalle : 2011-06-14 14:57 ID:0AxoSRxz

<script>alert("Shuffle in my heart")</script>

149 Name: zschadwick : 2011-07-23 17:44 ID:ddJhhwVt

is it possible to get this game on a mac. and if you need help translating ill see what i can do

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