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1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-17 08:27 ID:v/4T3m41

日本のロボットアニメのキャラ、メカが 共に協力し

This game that probably will not be known by any means by Coco It explains by way of precaution. "super robot war" the robot animation of Japan where it was made by van presto -- old and new -- it is the story referred to as joining a hand and hands not related and fighting for the earth. Supposing it is good A word should give suitably.

2 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-17 08:44 ID:v/4T3m41



I'm sorry supposing it cannot read The site of SUPAROBO is stretched for a sense.

super robot war ogs


3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-20 04:01 ID:Tv1Cxg4J

>This game that probably will not be known by any means by Coco

Did you mean none of the games will come to the US?

The first Original Generation game came out in English a week ago, and OG2 is coming in about a month :)

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-24 04:52 ID:iidTDbhc

It's a pretty fun series.

Also, like 3 said, it's starting to gain a bit of exposure here in North America.

5 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-25 15:35 ID:10lLQeR+

There is also a fan translation of Super Robot Wars 3 for the Super Famicom/SNES. I played that one until the level where you have to stop the GP02 Gundam from 0083. When a huge number of yellow enemies appeared, I just got too intimidated. OTL

Because of the copyrights of all the different animes, we will probably only see the OG games outside Japan. Unless Banpresto decides to make a game based on the licenses it can get for overseas distribution.

In Japan, do anime companies wish to have their robots included in SRW games? Does Banpresto ask them permission to use their robots and characters or do they ask Banpresto to include their animes in a game?

6 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-27 16:02 ID:S/wX65Uc

Good questions >>5! I also wonder about how the licensing game gets played over at Banpresto. I'm sure it nothing like what Takara did with Brave Saga since all of the robots were theirs.

And if memory serves me correctly, aside from the SRW and series specific (Gundam or Shin Getta-only) games, there were also a couple of games in Banpresto's series that didn't involve giant robots. I remember that one with SD'd sentai and tokusatsu characters featuring guys like the several incarnations of Kamen Rider, Machine Man, Kidou Keiji Jiban and their sword swinging, metal underwear-wearing ilk. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Banpresto to get them together in the same room either.

7 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-30 23:39 ID:aClnaTWg

>>I played that one until the level where you have to stop the GP02 Gundam from 0083. When a huge number of yellow enemies appeared, I just got too intimidated. OTL

I played until the encounter with Haman where she completely slaughtered my team.

8 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-08-31 11:25 ID:Tv1Cxg4J

I gave up at one of the fights against Gargaw.

Amuro almost stood a chance. Everything else was just sitting there dying.

9 Name: 5 : 2006-08-31 16:08 ID:10lLQeR+

Even the super robots? By the time I stopped, I had the big guys powered up decently, but not enough of them to cover everything. Only a handful of my real robots could hold their own in a fight, like the original black one, the Gundam and Z Gundam. The rest was a mix of Jegans, Nemos, GMs and support units that got swatted like flies.

The Gaplants were the worst enemies. Long range attacks, enough power to take on my super robots and the speed of real robots. Especially deadly when piloted by Jerid Messa.

10 Name: 8 : 2006-09-02 15:25 ID:Tv1Cxg4J

Can't remember, but considering that it was my first SRW, it was probably due to failed upgrading/general stupidity.

11 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-09-12 03:32 ID:10lLQeR+

PROTIP: SRW 3 and 4 support the SNES mouse in ZSNES! It feels great.

If I go back to my old saved game, would anyone be interested in reading reports of how it goes?

12 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-09-18 17:52 ID:JaOUFteh

Tecmo super bowl for xbox original 2D format!!!!!

13 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-09-19 05:03 ID:Tv1Cxg4J


Swing and a miss?


Sure, why not?

14 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-03 01:52 ID:HH6NYrFm

ANyone know where I can find a download for Homeworld 2? If you all wana keep it legal and everything, I just need the instal. I have a CD-Key. It's just my CD broke ;-; and I can't install it ;-; ;-; ;-;

15 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-03 03:01 ID:Heaven


16 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-04 21:39 ID:Tv1Cxg4J

The OG anime started today or yesterday or whatever, but since the internet hasn't delivered yet, I'll just ask and hope somebody has seen it already:

What the hell were Cobray and Astranagant doing there?

17 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-28 01:12 ID:w+24d5z1

Do the OG GBA games have any bouncing boobs in them?

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